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After many months of grueling school I have finally decided to dedicate more time to this blog. I still have 4 months of school, so it is going to be challenging, but I miss being a voice out there for fun recipes and health related topics. Now that I have gotten an education in medicine, I can hopefully pass a lot of useful information to you!


So one of the biggest changes I have adopted is the way I look at food. Most of my recipes before had low fat versions. Which is a pretty widely used method. However, one method I have come to enjoy and appreciate more is lowering your carbs. This does not necessarily mean you have to go on a “low carb diet” or a “keto diet” but you can. There are pros and cons to it just like any other eating style.


As a general role however, we do tend to eat too many carbs, refined sugars and processed foods. Lowering your carbs can make a huge difference in weight loss. An regular diet calls for 150 carbs a day. A ketogenic diet calls for 20-50 carbs a day. However most Americans are getting around 310 carbohydrates a day! That’s double the recommended amount! So someone who is not looking to go into ketosis or go on a low carb diet, scaling back to 80-100 carbs a day and making more of those carbs complex carbs is reasonable goal.

Here is an example from Fed Up, a documentary on sugar in the American diet.

Check out the whole documentary if you can. It is available on Netflix and youtube currently. It does have some bias, like any documentary, but it raises many good points and kind of opens your eyes to toda’ys diet and why we are the way we are now in developed world.
As you can see, diets higher and lower in sugar do a better job at stabilizing your blood sugar, digest better, and help keep you full longer.

Overall the message is still the same. In order to lose weight, one must burn more calories than they take in. However, stabilizing your blood sugar, and eating foods that take longer for your body to break down, are going to help make that process much easier.

So, for those of you trying to lower your carb intake, you will find plenty more recipes coming just for you! Also for a jump start into low carb versions of your favorite recipes, check out this new cookbook Transforming Recipes here.