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There are a million different plans out there for weight loss. Learn the scientific facts about weight loss and what really works when trying to drop those pounds.These rules go for pretty much any diet plan, and are cut and dry… For a moment…just put down your diet pills, your Julian Michaels DVD, AND the doughnut…and read for a minute.

abacus-150x150-12013941. The number one goal with weight loss is to burn more calories than what you consume. Always remember this! It does not matter what diet plan you are on, or how you rearrange your food pyramid…the basic facts of consuming less than you burn will put you into weight loss mode.

devil-burger-150x150-35715852. Weight loss is 90% what you eat. Yep, you heard me. Just because you are going to the gym for an hour doesn’t necessarily mean you can justify your entire burger. Working out is a great tool to help with weight loss, but changes need to be made to your diet if you really want to see results.


3. Fiber and protein are your friends. These guys help keep you full and help you stay on track. This is why everyone keeps bringing up the whole grain this and whole wheat that! Switching to whole wheat is such a          great weight loss tool because it helps to keep you full! Your fruits and veggies are full of fiber as well!

road-block-62303074. Weight loss doesn’t have to be about will power. If you are serious about losing weight, you have to learn your road blocks and remove them. For example… If I’m hungry on the go…I will stop for fast food. I make sure to always pack healthy snacks in my car for this reason. This can be as simple as throwing a box of fiber one bars in your trunk. Another common road block is late night snacking. If this is your down fall, have something yummy ready for that snack time, and make room for it in your diet.

pie-chart-150x150-65469355. Portion size is HUGE! But it shouldn’t be literally. If you like to eat a lot…load up on the veggies. Adjust your portion size according to what you are eating. If it is not such a healthy meal…make it small and enjoy every bite. No need to deprive yourself…just eat less of it.

Work Smarter, Not harder.