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This post is cutting it close to Valentine’s day, but many of us out there are last minute planners, myself included. Valentine’s day is a potential slip up day as it is associated with candy and chocolates, and often times, a romantic dinner. So how do you stay on track this valentines day and still have a good time? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Skip the Chocolate!
id-10010108-2992310If your partner is planning on getting you a little treat for the holiday, be sure to let them know you’d prefer something other than candy. Flowers, teddy bears and cute house plants are all great alternatives. If you really want the yummy treats, dark chocolate is a great option, such as Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares {affiliate}
which are anywhere from 3-5g of carbs each.


Wine & Cheese Platter
This is always a fun idea, and really easy on a low carb diet. Pick out a few fancy cheeses from your deli, and perhaps some red wine. Create your own wine and cheese pairing for a pre dinner event, or a late night relaxing evening. Cheese is generally low in carbs and there are so many cheeses to choose from. Red wine is generally lower in carbs, and the dryer the better. Most people can enjoy a glass or two of red wine and stay in Ketosis and avoid stalls. For a general reference, this table by Yellow Tail lists all the nutrition facts in their wine. Not all wine brands match up to this, however, but you can look up other brands individually.


The Dinner
Steak and lobster are completely on the table tonight! Don’t be afraid to go out and enjoy yourself at a nice dinner. Most resteraunts offer different options for sides, and double veggies is a great option! So go ahead and enjoy your steak, with butter on top and a side of broccoli or whichever veggies you choose. Just be sure to avoid the potatoes and breads. You will be plenty full without them!


The Dessert
Dessert can be hard to stay on track when eating out. There just simply aren’t a lot of options. A safer bet would be to make your own dessert ahead of time. Try dipping a handful of berries in some dark chocolate. Remember that tart berries such as raspberries or blackberries are lower in carbs. Simply add a dab of butter or coconut oil to any dark chocolate you have on hand and melt in the microwave or stove. Dip the berries ahead of time and put in the fridge to enjoy when you get home. (If you even have room in your tummy after dinner!)

Berry  |  Net Carbs in 1/4 cup unless otherwise noted

  • Acai Berry (1 oz)     5.0
  • Blackberry     2.7
  • Blueberry     4.1
  • Cranberry     2.0
  • Elderberry     4.0
  • Gooseberry     9.0
  • Huckleberry (3.5 oz)     8.0
  • Raspberry     1.5
  • Strawberry     1.8


The After Party
After you survived the holiday and stayed on track, it’s your turn to feel sexy and confident! No belly bloat from carbs, no sugar crash from chocolates, just one happy camper. Put on your best outfit and have some fun! You deserve it!

What are  your plans this Valentines day?