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You’re probably familiar with the concepts of introversion and extraversion; the topic has been widely discussed on the internet over the last few years. If you’re an introvert, you probably don’t like to spend all of your time around others. You might prefer to either do things alone, one-on-one, or in small groups. That might mean that going to the gym four or five times a week after work and being around all of those people feels like more of a chore than it does to your more extroverted friends. Rest assured there are plenty of ways to keep your body in shape and get those endorphins pumping if you’re more of an introvert. Following are some of the best fitness ideas for introverts:


Swimming is almost always a solitary sport. You’re only competing against yourself, which is likely to appeal to the average introvert. Swimming requires the use of more muscles than any other cardio exercise, helps to counter the issues caused to your back by sitting for prolonged periods of time, and correlates with a whole heap of life-extending health benefits. It also gives you time to think and have time for yourself while getting your workout – what introvert wouldn’t love the idea of that? For a beginner’s fitness program, try a warm up followed by swimming 100m four times in freestyle (with a break in between each length) and gradually increase the number of lengths you swim each time you work out.


Crossfit might, at first, feel completely out of the question for an introvert – it’s known for large, loud classes and a huge number of followers. True, if you choose to do Crossfit, it may not be a solitary workout, but Crossfit is known for its sense of community: its devotees are generally welcoming to newcomers and will be supportive of you, as Crossfit is not competitive. While you might enjoy working out alone for the most part, it’s possible that you’ll miss this kind of support, so why not join a Crossfit class once in a while? If you don’t feel like talking to dozens of people, you can focus on making a few close friends in your class so you’ll have workout buddies for those times that you don’t want to be alone. If you do truly want to go it alone, you can follow the workouts from Crossfit’s website. Crossfit’s benefits speak for themselves: the fitness program will help you to increase flexibility, build muscle, and improve your stamina by using your whole body in your workouts.

  1. Creating your own fitness program in the comfort of your own home


Perhaps the most obvious solution when looking for a workout for introverts is the idea of building a home gym and creating a personal fitness program. Initial costs may be steep, but solo workouts are great for introverts: you don’t have to focus on what others are thinking about you, you can have quality time to yourself, and you’re free to focus on whichever aspect of your fitness you desire. Variety will make sure you don’t tire of working out at home, and you’ll be able to construct your own workouts with ease if you have plenty of equipment.

It’s easy to see how getting started with exercise can be a challenge for introverts, who might find gyms overwhelming and the group nature of many workouts exhausting. Trying the above fitness programs will help you to embrace your introversion and create and maintain workouts you can feel comfortable doing.

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