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Nontraditional Foods That Help With Weight Loss

When going on a diet, or trying to change your eating lifestyle to a healthier one, many people think they have to eliminate certain foods from their diets, especially pastas/carbs, nuts, and cheeses. Well I’m here to tell you that all that can be yours in moderation. In fact many of these foods have been shown  to help...


Low Carb Recipe for a Flat Stomach

It’s an undeniable truth that diets can be depressing. Traditional calorie controlled diets can be tiresome, with all the weighing and calculation. Then there’s the constant hunger. The low-carb diet is perfect for those of us who like to feel full! By focusing on high fat, you’ll stay fuller for longer. Here are some low...

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Fatigue Low Carb

Many people have an initial fog or fatigue at the start of trying to eat low carb, as their body is craving sugars for fast energy. This is often called “Keto Flu”, which usually goes away. For some people it doesn’t. In fact, fatigue is a common complaint among for some low carbers like myself....


Foods to Avoid With an Upset Tummy

An upset stomach is the second most common ailment in the US next to the common cold. It is called gastroenteritis in the medical world. Symptoms include stomach aches and pains, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and fatigue. There are many different causes for an upset tummy, and different solutions for many of them. However, the first...


The Truth About Vitamins

                     As a young child you may remember taking little Flinstone’s vitamins or maybe Gummy Vitamins. You were told to do so, and they probably tasted good, so you didn’t question it much. Now as an adult, you may still have this habit, but it is...

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Swimming for Fitness

Swimming for fitness…. have you ever tried it? There is always lap swimming, which is a great way to get in shape and beat the summer heat! Most pools set aside lanes for swimmers to do laps in during certain hours of the day. The pools are usually in the “down time” of the day, so you don’t...

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Manage Stress in College

    With life in general, there are many causes of stress. Many causes have to do with family problems, deadlines, and social issues. It is important to take care of long term and short term stress right away because it can have a major effect on your health. The best way to combat stress period is to...