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Special treatments with aromatic oils. Lilac aromatic oils.

Are Essential Oils Helpful or a Placebo?

Essential oils are today’s craze. You can’t miss essential oils in aisles of supermarkets extolling their benefits. If you’re into social media, you would likely observe the surge of multilevel marketing companies that reap profits from independent distributors and sellers of essential oils who get their exposure from social media.It can be quite a puzzle...


Tips to Better Brush Your Teeth

Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months. Normal wear and tear breaks down your bristles on your toothbrush. This renders it less effective at removing plaque and surface stains. It also makes it harder to reach those tricky areas, and less effective in general.  When you start to notice bent or frayed bristles, its...

Hands washing

What You Didn’t Know About Hand Washing

Antibacterial Soap Many Americans are all into the rage about antibacterial hand soap. I remember a time a few years ago when I wouldn’t buy hand soap unless it was antibacterial. Otherwise there would be no point. Right?  WRONG. Antibacterial soap is actually worse than soap without the antibacterial agents. This is because antibacterial soap is...