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Many people have an initial fog or fatigue at the start of trying to eat low carb, as their body is craving sugars for fast energy. This is often called “Keto Flu”, which usually goes away. For some people it doesn’t. In fact, fatigue is a common complaint among for some low carbers like myself. It’s also a common reason for critics to bash a low carb lifestyle. It’s not easy for your body to be burning fat like a MACHINE! That takes energy, and your not making it easy for your body to get it without simple sugars and carbohydrates.

  1. B Vitamins
    These are seriously my BEST friend. I take them every day without fail. B vitamins are water soluble, so rest assured its very hard to overdose on them. Your body will simply urinate out the excess B vitamins it does not use. I like to use Nature Made Super B Complex because they are a pretty reliable brand and this one has the added benefit of vitamin C for better absorption and immune funciton.
  2. Increasing Carbohydrate intake
    It sounds counter productive, but if you are feeling fatigued and groggy by mid day, try increasing your carb count a bit. If you are trying to stay in Ketosis, staying under 50 carbs a day is usually sufficient, if ketosis isn’t important to you then going up to 70 g of carbs a day is reasonable. Now dont go eating a bunch of bread, but small additions here and there throughout your day may help.
  3. Eating Natural
    Make sure you are eating less processed foods and more of the good stuff. More veggies, more homemade meals, more healthy fats.
  4. Sleep
    Make sure you are getting enough sleep. It is important for your body to rest after a long day of fat burning.
  5. Green Tea
    Green tea has a small amount of caffiene in it, which can help with energy. The great news is it also has been shown to speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat. If you are not a big tea person, try Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, which can be added to smoothies,
  6. Exercise
    Now you may feel to tired to be working out, but again, one of those counter productive things, exercise can give you energy. It doesn’t have to be a high impact heavy workout, but a brisk 20 minute walk or jog can be helpful.
  7.  Protein