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Some people struggle with the breads, pastas and tortillas on a low carb diet. However others (like me) struggle with the sweets. This is one of the tougher parts of a low carb diet, because many things you are going to have to make yourself if you want a low carb option of a sweet. Most sugar free options are LOADED with carbs, even diabetic candy, ironically. The problem is we all have busy lives, and often times we are TIRED. Who wants to make dessert? It’s suppost to be a rewarding treat.

While there are plenty of AMAZING recipes out there for low carb desserts, I want to share with you a few instant guilt free low carb desserts that you can have on hand, without spending much time in the kitchen. 

Sugar Free Jell-O with Whipped Cream {affiliate link}
This is pretty much the go to for instant desserts on a low carb diet. Sugar free jello has 0 carbs, and whipped cream has about 1 carb per tbs. Keep a few packs of sugar free jello on hand. You can buy the 4 cup packs, or make it yourself.


Sugar Free-Fat Free Instant Pudding {affiliate link}
Ok this one may require a little work of making boxed pudding, unless you can find the little cups of sugar free fat free pudding. I know low carb is all about the high fat, however the full fat version has about 13g of carbs, while the fat free has about 6. This is not usually the case for low fat products, but there are exceptions to every rule. Note this is not for every type of SF FF pudding, so be sure to check your labels.


Dark Chocolate {affiliate link}
Chocolate has probably been a woman’s best friend since it was invented. However, if you have looked at nutrition labels when having a chocolate craving, it will probably make you cringe! However, dark chocolate is typically lower in sugar and carbs, and there are plenty of studies showing how good dark chocolate is for you. I love to have a little square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate if I’ve been pretty good that day. Each squre has 6g carbs and 1g fiber = 5g net carbs. YUM! If you can go darker, the Intense Dark, Midnight Reverie cocoa squares {affiliate link} are 86% dark chocolate, and have 3.8g of carbs and 1.3g of fiber = 2.5g of carbs each!


Mr. Goodbar Milk Chocolate Bar Miniatures {affiliate link}
If you’re not a fan of the dark chocolate, thats okay, Mr. Goodbar mini candy bars are a good alternative. These are made with milk chocolate and contain peanuts for that added crunch. Each fun size bar has 4 g of carbs.


Sugar Free Popsicles
Because you can subtract sugar alcohols from total carbs, this leaves each popsicle with 2g of net carbs. Just be sure to check the labels if you are using different brands.


What are your favorite low carb treats? Comment below!