Roommates hanging out together

Tips For an Easy Year With Your Roommate

August 31, 2010

Summer Soiree


Travel Tips from Real Locals

September 25, 2017

Travel Tips from
Real Locals


Summer 2017 Trend

September 25, 2017

Summer 2017 Trend

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How to Use Ketone Strips to Stay in Ketosis

Keto diet low carb foods

If you are new to the world of low carb, you may have come across people talking about ketone strips or “ketostix” to see if they are in ketosis. These are small strips to test your urine to see if you have ketones in it. It is a roundabout way to see if you are in ketosis. Here is a guide to your most common questions about how to use ketone strips and if they are right for you! What Are Ketone Strips Used For? Ketostix are used to help track when someone is in ketosis. Sometimes people use them...

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