8 Superfoods That Are Good for Your Teeth

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Our teeth help us chew, speak and maintain facial aesthetic. Without them, our life would be quite difficult. They require nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function properly. Taking care of them is just as important as our other body parts and organs. You may be aware of foods that are bad for your teeth such as soda or highly acidic foods, but what about foods that are GOOD for your teeth? There are some superfoods which you can include in your diet to maintain the health of your teeth. You might be surprised at how common they are…

Munching on raw carrots actually works like a natural toothbrush. When you eat them, your gums are massaged and your saliva production is boosted. It’s also effective against fighting cavities. More importantly, carrots are high in keratin and vitamin A which are helpful respectively for attacking plaque and providing strength to the tooth enamel. By eating carrots, you can help wash away food debris, plaque and bacteria stuck between the teeth and maintain better oral health easily.

Cheese has high levels of calcium and phosphate which naturally strengthens your teeth. It is also helpful in balancing the pH level in the mouth which then neutralizes the harmful acid. More so, including cheese in your regular diet means there will be fewer cavities and more cleansing of saliva.

Most dairy products are good for your teeth. Similar to cheese, yogurt has high levels of casein protein and calcium which are essential for strengthening the enamel and keeping the teeth healthy and strong. More so, the nutrients present in yogurt can also help repair the enamel when it gets damaged. Excess sugar can, be damaging to your teeth, so be sure to choose lower sugar options such as Greek yogurt.

Like carrots, you can also trust apples to work as a natural toothbrush and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Even if they are acidic in nature, eating apples won’t harm the enamel. In fact, the presence of natural sugars makes this fruit effective in neutralizing acids in the mouth. what’s more, it helps boost saliva production in the mouth to keep the teeth and gums healthy. The vitamins in apples are very good for the gums.

The onions in your kitchen have much more utility that giving taste to your dishes. They are amazing for your oral health due to the presence of antibacterial sulphur compounds. Eating them raw can help kill the harmful bacteria on the gum and teeth. Even if their taste is pungent, you should be eating more of raw onions regularly if the health of your teeth concerns you in real sense.

All the foods containing high level of water and fiber are good for your teeth. The same is true with celery as it can provide the teeth a great workout. Chewing celery works as a natural toothbrush which will clean the teeth and massage the gums effectively. More importantly, when you chew celery, it will help increase saliva production in the mouth to neutralize acid and bacteria. Be sure to include this superfood in your regular diet and stay on top of your dental health!

Strawberries are good for your teeth even if they are sweet and acidic in nature. Eating them can help keep your teeth free of stains which is contrary to their tendency to stain other things mostly red. They are quite an effective natural whitener for the enamel and even oral experts advise their use for whitening the teeth naturally. You can eat them without any worry but yes, do floss the teeth afterwards to not allow the seeds to stay stuck between the teeth.

Sesame seeds are very good for your teeth. You can eat them on their own or chew them and it will scrub away plaque from the teeth. Plus, they are high in calcium which can help strengthen the enamel. Keep in mind the seeds can get stuck in your teeth. If they are stuck, floss as soon as possible to avoid harm to the teeth.

Clearly, you can see how to keep some superfoods in your diet to keep your teeth and gums healthy. For more information, it’s always a good idea to discuss with your dentist, or to book a dentist appointment .