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Are you a frequent traveler? Do you feel sick, tired or lethargic throughout your trip? If yes, it is probably because of a significant shift in your eating habits while traveling.

Many of us get completely reluctant about our health and fitness while traveling because we find it nearly impossible. However, it is not some rocket-science to eat healthy and stay fit during the trip. All you need is some willpower and points to keep in mind.

Here are some points related to healthy eating that you must keep in mind and follow while traveling. Read through and thank me when you are done!


The Right Water Intake

Keeping your body properly hydrated becomes a challenging task during the trip. The shift in the weather and your physical activity may require you to drink more than usual. However, you are so busy carrying your luggage around that you even forget to drink the amount of water you take at home.

In order to keep a track of your intake and stay properly hydrated, you can try a travel-size water bottle before you leave for the trip. Keep it with you and finish it two to three times a day no matter what. Also, download a water-intake reminder and tracker. There are such applications available on smartphones which you can make use of while traveling.

Organic and Wholesome Drinks

Being on a trip means no time to spend in the kitchen. Therefore, there are very few chances that we get to eat homemade food. When we are dining out, we immediately order a sugary drink with every meal. Plus, we do not bother to eat vegetables when there is a whole menu of fast food and the like.

In such circumstances, try to compromise on the drink and avoid such unhealthy sugary drinks like soda. Water is always best, and sometimes can be freshend up with some fruit or lemon.  You can also replace them with fresh juices or smoothies on the menu, although these still have a lot of sugar and will add more calories to your day. However, you will at least prevent yourself from getting sugar spikes and gain some energy through fibrous and healthy drinks.


Protein and Fiber-Rich Food

If you want to stay energetic and prevent unnecessary cravings throughout the day which usually people get while traveling, add more protein and fiber to your daily diet. More fiber will keep you satiated and full for hours and you will not feel the need of more food than your regular meals. Plus, protein will give you instant energy. Make sure you eat lots of protein in your breakfast as it will work as an energy booster for your entire day. Try bringing some nuts or seeds as a travel snack or opting for a salad on the menu instead of that fast food burger.


Healthy and Organic Refreshments

While you are in transit, you need lots of energy to keep moving. You mostly rely on chocolate bars, energy drinks or packs of chips which are all extremely unhealthy and fattening or full of sugar. Keeping healthy and organic refreshments that instantly boost the energy without significantly increasing your calorie intake is what you need. Popcorn, jerkey, dry fruit and apples are some healthy snacks that you keep with you or even easily buy from any store that comes on the way.

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