Doing a Meat Fast… Is it Healthy For You?

Meat fast low carbFirst of All What is a Meat Fast?
A meat fast is where one commits to eating only meats for a rang of 2-4 days. A Carnivore fast if you will. It is occasionally used on a low carb diet.


Why Would Someone Do a Meat Fast?
The two main reasons to do a meat fast would be to break a stall, or to get into Ketosis (fat burning mode) quicker. Again, it is ONLY meant to be done for a few days. Long term, it would be more risk than benefit.

How Does it Work?
The meat fast is a relatively new concept. It has the same principles as a fat fast, but many people feel a meat fast is easier to perform. For roughly three days, one would commit to eating only meats and fats. Coffee, mayo, olive oil, and mustard are all okay. The rest is meats without sugary cures. This puts the person at a very low carb interval and higher protein and fats. By limiting one’s carbs to practically zero, and only providing the body with protein and fats to work with, the idea is to force the body into fat burning mode.

meat fast science

Is There Science Behind This?
Unfortunately I have yet to find clinical studies proving this is an effective way to jump into ketosis. Dr. Atkins would recommend his patients try a fat fast if they were extremely insulin resistant and had a hard time getting into ketosis or having a stall for longer than 3 weeks. However, the fat fast would consist of 90% fat and literally doing things like nibbling on a brick of cream cheese all day. I can say there are NUMEROUS studies showing that a LCHF diet works for weight loss and often times with twice the results of a low fat diet. Since the Meat Fast is simply a more extreme version of LCHF, it is safe to day at the worst case scenario, you are simply getting the same results as if you were eating regular LCHF.

meat fast

What is an Example of a Meat Fast Diet?
Day 1 Morning: 2 eggs and bacon and coffee
Day 1 noon: turkey rolls with mayo
Day 1 Dinner: Steak with melted butter

Day 2 Morning: 2 eggs with sausage with coffee
Day 2 noon: Cut up chicken breast sauteed in olive oil
Day 2 Dinner: Hamburger without bun or toppings. (add mayo)

Day 3 Morning: 2 eggs mixed with chorizo with coffee
Day 3 noon: Hot dog or Italian sausage
Day 3 Dinner: Pork chops with melted butter.

brauts meat fast

If you are eating lean meats such as fish or chicken, be sure to fatten it up! Pan fry it in a little olive oil, add mayo or butter.

The other important thing would be to make sure you are getting PLENTY of water. A  diet without veggies or very much fiber can make you very very constipated. Do drinking water like your life depends on it is very important.

Would you ever be crazy enough to try a meat fast? Comment Below!


Low Carb Acronyms, Phrases and Lingo


If you are new to the world of low carb, you may have noticed it is a completely different way of thinking. You have probably already come across many acronyms and phrases that people commonly use. Here is a list of common low carb acronyms and phrases you are likely to see.

LCHF- Low carb high fat.
This is the foundation of a true low carb diet. It involves completely changing your perspective on what is healthy food. Generally people aim to stay between 20 to 50 carbs a day depending on what stage they are in. Processed foods are typically loaded with carbs and discouraged, while fat is healthy and highly encouraged. Examples would be ranch dressing, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, cheese, HWC and other high fat products.

Ketogenic Diet
This the main principle of a low carb diet. It focuses on  high fat, adequate protein and low carbs. It forces the body into ketosis, where it burns fast instead of carbs, as we provide the body with very few of them to use. This diet is sometimes used in medicine to treat refractory epilepsy.

bulletproof coffee low carb acronyms

BPC- Bullet Proof Coffee
This is a common morning tradition for the LC community. It involves blending melted butter and sometimes heavy whipping cream with coffee to increase fat content. Some also feel it helps keep them regular, as constipation is a common problem in this community.


HWC- Heavy Whipping Cream-
You will find HWC in many low carb recipes. It is commonly used in coffee, and as a cream base for soups and sauces.

intermittent fasting low carb acronyms

IF- Intermittent Fasting
This is a technique common in the body building community. It consists of “narrowing” the window of which you eat, and not necessarily limiting how much you eat. For Example, twice  a week you may push breakfast up to noon and only eat from the hours of noon to 6. The idea behind this is to push your body into fasting and burning fat longer.

WOE- Way of Eating
Many dedicated low carbers like to view low carb as a way of eating. As in changing how they look at food for good. Many people criticize low carb diet as they gain the weight right back after stopping. Others have made a commitment to continually watch carbs as they go through life as anyone who goes back to the way they were eating before, is going to look like they did before! This is also similar to WOL (way of living or way of life)

non scale victory low carb acronyms

NSV- Non Scale Victory
Many people report stalls as with any weight loss journey. However, even when the scale doesn’t move, people are still seeing results in inches, compliments, clothes fitting better, ect… The scale doesn’t always determine your success.

Fat bombs
Fat bombs are homemade high-fat, low-carb and low-protein snacks. They are a convenient source of energy and are ideal for those who need to add healthy fats in their diet to meet daily macronutrient goals. They are  also used for sugar cravings as sugar is generally frowned upon in the low carb community. You can literally find hundreds of recipes online.

macro chart low carb acronyms

When you hear people talking about reaching their macros, they mean their macronutrient goals. The LC thinking changes around what nutrients are major portions of your diet. The picture above is a common ratio in the ketogenic diet. You can calculate your own macronutrient goals here. Not everyone monitors their macros on a LC diet. Often, just counting carbs is enough.

fat fast low carb acronyms

FF- Fat Fast
This is where one would try to get 90% of their intake to be fat. Some people have even reported nibbling on a brick of cream cheese all day. It may sound crazy, but it is meant to get the body used to burning fats for fuels. If that is the only thing you provide your body with for the day, guess what it has to use? FAT! This is typically only done for 2-3 days max, as it can be unhealthy long term. Most people use it to overcome a weight loss stall, or to get into ketosis. You can learn more about fat fasting here.


meat fast low carb acronyms

Meat Fast
This is another commonly used method to break a weight loss stall. Some people prefer it over a fat fast as it is easier. This fast is typically 3-5 days long where one would eat nothing but meat. Any kind of meat is acceptable, and butter and olive oil and mayo are okay. Dairy, cheese, and veggies are generally avoided. Up to 2 eggs a day are allowed and plenty of water is encouraged. Soda, coffee and caffeine are also avoided. Read more about the Meat Fast Here.

A whoosh is where a person is typically having difficulty losing weight for a few days or weeks. Then, suddenly they are down several pounds overnight. May people believe this is due to the fat cells in the body holding on to water before finally giving out and releasing and disappearing.

What Low Carb phrases Have you come across?

Easy Low Carb Desserts

Some people struggle with the breads, pastas and tortillas on a low carb diet. However others (like me) struggle with the sweets. This is one of the tougher parts of a low carb diet, because many things you are going to have to make yourself if you want a low carb option of a sweet. Most sugar free options are LOADED with carbs, even diabetic candy, ironically. The problem is we all have busy lives, and often times we are TIRED. Who wants to make dessert? It’s suppost to be a rewarding treat.

While there are plenty of AMAZING recipes out there for low carb desserts, I want to share with you a few instant guilt free low carb desserts that you can have on hand, without spending much time in the kitchen. 

Sugar Free Jell-O with Whipped Cream {affiliate link}
This is pretty much the go to for instant desserts on a low carb diet. Sugar free jello has 0 carbs, and whipped cream has about 1 carb per tbs. Keep a few packs of sugar free jello on hand. You can buy the 4 cup packs, or make it yourself.

Low Carb Dessert Sugar Free Jell-O

Sugar Free-Fat Free Instant Pudding {affiliate link}
Ok this one may require a little work of making boxed pudding, unless you can find the little cups of sugar free fat free pudding. I know low carb is all about the high fat, however the full fat version has about 13g of carbs, while the fat free has about 6. This is not usually the case for low fat products, but there are exceptions to every rule. Note this is not for every type of SF FF pudding, so be sure to check your labels.


Dark Chocolate {affiliate link}
Chocolate has probably been a woman’s best friend since it was invented. However, if you have looked at nutrition labels when having a chocolate craving, it will probably make you cringe! However, dark chocolate is typically lower in sugar and carbs, and there are plenty of studies showing how good dark chocolate is for you. I love to have a little square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate if I’ve been pretty good that day. Each squre has 6g carbs and 1g fiber = 5g net carbs. YUM! If you can go darker, the Intense Dark, Midnight Reverie cocoa squares {affiliate link} are 86% dark chocolate, and have 3.8g of carbs and 1.3g of fiber = 2.5g of carbs each!

Low Carb Desserts Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

Mr. Goodbar Milk Chocolate Bar Miniatures {affiliate link}
If you’re not a fan of the dark chocolate, thats okay, Mr. Goodbar mini candy bars are a good alternative. These are made with milk chocolate and contain peanuts for that added crunch. Each fun size bar has 4 g of carbs.

Low Carb Desserts Mr. Goodbar

Sugar Free Popsicles
Because you can subtract sugar alcohols from total carbs, this leaves each popsicle with 2g of net carbs. Just be sure to check the labels if you are using different brands.

Low Carb Desserts Sugar Free Popsicles

What are your favorite low carb treats? Comment below!