Time to Replace Your Eye Makeup!

There is much confusion about when to replace your eye makeup as different materials have different amounts of time they are good for. Most makeup is good for about 3-6 months. So, like many other things in life, makeup presents us with a use it or lose it situation. Is it time to replace your Makeup? Here is a simple guide to help you know when to throw what out.

Mascara-Most health experts suggest replacing your mascara every 3 months. Mascara is a favorite breeding ground for many different types of bacteria. They originate from our eyelashes and get caught on your brush, and find the wet, sticky surface of mascara a decent breeding ground, unlike our eyelashes, which also have good bacteria that keep them at bay. This is a common item I always keep on hand for Mary Kay orders, which comes in three types:

Mascara Ultimate Mascara -For longer looking lashes that lasts all day with up to five times the volume. ($15)

Lash Lengthening Mascara – Delivers longer-looking , and thicker looking lashes Lash lenghthening ($10)

Waterproof Mascara – Made with a derivative of vitamin B for stronger looking, softer feeling lashes  ($10)

Pencil Eyeliners– These items last anywhere from 3-6 months, because they come in contact with our eyes and have a slightly moist environment for bacteria. Health experts also recommend not using eyeliner on the inner rims of eyelids, as this is creating more and more health problems for people. Mary Kay offers 8 varieties of pencil eyeliner colors that give you waterproof, smudge resistant, and fade resistant wear.

Eyeliner Eyeliner Pencils – (8 Different Colors) $10

Liquid Eyeliner – (Black only) $11


Eye Color– This type of make up also needs to be replaced about once every 3-6 months, since they are dealing with the eye area. Liquid eye makeup can be replaced after a year of use if dispensed from a tube, such as Mary Kay Eyecicles Eye Color. Be sure to replace your eye brushes as well, unless you clean them. Compact

 Mineral Eye Color – $6.50 a color



Eyecicles Eye Color – This wonderful product goes on in liquid form for ease of application and dries to powder for maximum comfort and smudge resistance. ($10)


 Have happy, healty eyes,    ~HealthyGirl

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