8 Tips for Jogging at Night

There are a select few of us who enjoy jogging, and I’m sure there are even less of us who enjoy jogging at night! But I am proud to admit I am one of them. I especially enjoy night time jogging in the Summer when it’s nice and cooled off from the heat of the day. I love to gaze at the stars during my intermittent walking periods or my cool down.

However, jogging outside has it’s risks. Jogging at night only increases those risks. So if you are like me and love to jog at night, here are few helpful tips to help you stay safe!

1. Wear Reflective Clothing
I can’t stress this enough. It is important for cars to be able to see you, especially when your crossing any street. Unless you plan on jogging around the same block 50 times, best to get yourself some reflective clothing. Like this Adidas Reflective Jogging Tee. {affiliate} Even Reflective Tape would work well, which could be easily removed. Make sure it is on the front AND the back so it can be seen from both directions.

Talking on Phone2. Tell Someone Where You Are Going.
It may seem trivial for an mature person to need to let others know where they are, but a good rule of thumb is to tell someone in your household roughly where you will be jogging, and what time you will roughly be back.

bright clothing jogging at night3. Wear Bright Clothing too.
Along with reflective clothing, make sure it’s BRIGHT! You want to be seen! Even in the dark, bright clothing will be seen better by car headlights and under street lights. You can also buy a clip on jogging light that is hands free like this one {affiliate} Clip On Strobe LED Safety Light Kit

Street Light

4. Speaking of Lights…
Make sure you are jogging in a well lit area! Pay attention to park hours as their lights may go out after operation hours to deter late night visitors. If you are jogging in your own neighborhood, and you see a street light out, don’t be afraid to contact your electric company to have them get it fixed.

5. Stay off the Streets
This becomes more crucial at night. Be sure that you are jogging in a place that has sidewalk or a jogging path for you to be on. The further away from cars, the safer you are.

jogging partner

6. Get a Buddy
This one may be hard, but jogging with a partner is ALWAYS a smart idea. If you have no one in person to jog with, bring a dog along. Odds are they need the exercise too! Just be sure you have a good handle on them, as chasing a dog around in the dark would NOT be fun!

7. Lower Your Music
This tip isn’t the funnest, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure your music is low enough to hear nearby traffic and people. Music can drain batteries on phones quickly, especially when streaming, so be sure you have a good charge to be able to use your phone if you run into trouble. A better idea would be to not listen to music at all. Sometimes nature and the night sky are all you need to keep going.

phone location jogging at night8. Keep Location on Your Phone
Remember how google seems to have a map of everywhere you go? When your location is on, your cell phone pings various towers and satellites as you move around. If anything were to happen to you, (heaven forbid!) Local authorities should be able to figure out where you have been most recently. It may take more battery power however, so make sure you have a good charge!

Stay safe out there!


8 Ways To Get Your 30 Minutes Of Exercise Daily



Always take the stairs- They can be quite an epic addition to your daily routiene. Even if you work in a giant buliding with more than 3 floors. Try Stopping the elevator a few floors below where you need to go. Try 1-2 floors at first, then work your way from there.

Park in the back of the parking lot- This is another no-brainer that most people don't utilize. Many people spend precious time waiting or searching for that perfect spot. You know what? WHO CARES? park in the back, and get some extra steps in, while improving the chance that your car won't get hit by random shoppoing carts and car doors.

Reebok and Sketcher Workout Shoes- Reebok sells a brand of shoes called Easy Tones and the sketchers are known as Shape Ups. Both these brands retail for around $100, but they are selling out in stores all over the country with pretty positive ratings from their customers.

Reebok claims that wearing EasyTone walking shoes will exercise your legs with every step. They are becoming one of Reebok's best selling products because they offers quick results.Reebok officials say, "The EasyTone is the company’s most successful new product in at least five years."

Sketchers claim that their shoes make it feel like you are walking on sand. They  come with a DVD on how to use them. They also claim that on average women who wear Shape-ups for 6 weeks lose an average of 3.25 pounds while their body composition is reduced by about 1.125%. As well as their, back strength increases by 37%.\

Wear a pedometer– Research has shown that wearing a pedometer makes you walk more. Being awarePedometer of the steps you make, will help you keep on track with walking, and hopefully encourage you to walk more to reach those nice even numbers. From there start setting goals by 50 more steps a week, and see how far you can take yourself!

Use your break time wisely- This is a great time to get a group of co-workers to get together and go on walks while your on a short break. Even walking by yourself can give you some well deserved alone time to maybe focus on your goals for the next day. After all, what is a break for, but to get some fresh air?

Get a partner or two- Having a small group of friends or co-workers together greatly increases the Group chance that you will continue what you are doing. Be sure to make a deal to help each other out with achieving your goals and stay on top of each other.


Talk– Telling someone  aboout what you ate and how much you worked out every day will help you keep on top of things. This simple task takes 5 minues, but is really effective in helping you stay on top of your goals, because you are forced to face it every day, and the facts are right there in front of you, whether you reached your goal or not.

Break your workout into 30 minute segments - For some people this can be really effective. Start with some yoga before you shower in the morning, go for a brisk walk at lunch, and do some cardio after work. This way you have time for you family and daily needs, but can still get in what you need. This strategy may not work for everyone, but for some, it's the way to fit in everything into that tight schedule!

Feel free to tell me about your workout regime, and how it works into your schedule! ~Healthygirl




Water for de blog Making sure you have enough water is essential to your health. It's especially important to stay hydrated when you exercise to avoid dehydration, as well as avoiding drinking too much water, which would cause hyponatremia. It is critical to have the right amount of water because…

1. It works in transporting nutrients and eliminating wastes

2. It lubricates your joints and tissues.

3. Water plays an important role in body temperature regulation

4. It will give you an overall healthier feeling.

The most common form of inadequate hydration is dehydration. It can lead to muscle cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Water for de blog2 The good news is there are some easy methods to determine if you are getting the right amount of water in your system.
First, monitor your urine output and color. you should be urinating every couple of hours and the color should be light. (like very diluted lemonade)
Second, if you weigh yourself before and after you work out, and you notice weight loss, it is most likely from fluid, and you should replenish that with 20oz per pound.

Also remember that hydration begins BEFORE and DURING exercise. Before, you should drink about 20 oz. a few hours before you work out, and 8 oz. for every fifteen minutes you work out.

For a simple calculation of how much water you should drink, visit this website: