Bell Pepper Breakfast Boats Low Carb Recipe

Low Carb Recipe Bell Pepper Boat

This was a fun low carb recipe I changed up over the weekend. Everyone is baking with eggs in muffin tins these days. Gets them perfectly round and cooked to your liking. Needless to say I have been experimenting too!

This is a QUICK, EASY low carb recipe to make for breakfast. Great for meal prep or on the go cooking. It is actually quite low in fat for those who are working on low carb- low fat options.

Net carbs per boat: 2g

1 bell regular pepper (color of your choice)
Handful of shredded cheddar cheese
4 eggs
1 tsp olive oil
Salt and pepper
Chili Powder (optional)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Cut the bell pepper into fourths. The goal is to make a “boat” to hold the egg. Cutting into thirds isn’t a bad idea either. Discard the stem and de- vein the center. (take out the seeds so your left with just a shell). Spread the olive oil in a medium pan and heat up. Once warm put your bell peppers in 5 minutes on each side. This will get them nice and soft and give them a head start on cooking.

Next, put the peppers in a casserole dish, and add a sprinkle of cheese to each pepper slice. Put the pepper pieces close together! Next crack an egg into each pepper cup. If it runs over the side like mine did…its no worry! It will still cook and you can peel it up later. Sprinkle with desired salt, pepper and chili powder. Place in the oven and bake 15 minutes.

Voila! Yummy!
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What is your Go-To low carb breakfast? Comment below!

Protein With Breakfast

 Many of us know how important it is to eat a good breakfast in the morning. Commercials, schools and Health Experts have done pretty well informing us of this. What many people don’t know is how beneficial adding lean protein to your breakfast can be.

 There are many benefits to having protein in your breakfast. Studies have shown that participants have kept more lean muscle mass when eating lean protein with breakfast. Lean muscle is more metabolically active, and thus can aid in weight loss. Participants were also full longer (about 4 hours) compared to those who ate carbohydrates such as a bagel.
What about Cholesterol?
According to the American Heart Association, a healthy person is okay to eat about an egg a day. This means that people on healthy, low fat diets can enjoy eggs without putting themselves at risk for heart disease.



    • scrambled, sunny side up, hard boiled, and omelets  

    Peanut Butter

    • On toast, with banana, on pancakes  

    Turkey Bacon

~Have a Healthy, Protein filled breakfast,
   ~Healthy Girl