Top Ten Most Stressful Life Events

  Top 10 Most Stressful Occurrences for Americans:


  1. Spouse Death  

  2. Divorce

  3. Marriage Separation

  4. Jail term

  5. Death of a loved one

  6. Injury or illness

  7. Marriage

  8. Job loss

  9. Pregnancy

  10. Retirement/Change of financial status

Studies show that stress comes from four main areas:

1. Environnment- Our physical surroundings such as an unsafe neighborhood

2. Relationships- With friends, family, and partners

3. Work- Job dissatisfaction, overworking, insufficient pay, conflicts with boss/coworkers

4. Social- Poverty, discrimination, harassment, unemployment, isolation


Some of the stress-related symptoms  described in my previous post can get worse or become chronic conditions if stress is repetitive or persistent. This is because the body continues to secrete stress hormones, and blood pressure remains at a higher level.

Effects the body might experience are:


  • Chronic headache

  • Exacerbation on allergies/asthma

  • Substance Abuse

  • Weight Loss/gain

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Irritable bowel syndrome exacerbation

  • Anxiety disorder

  • High blood pressure

  • Increased stroke risk

  • Increased heart attack risk

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases

To learn more about the effects stress has on your body, check out my other article:


Some Great Tips For Fighting Stress:


ID-1002539311. Get plenty of rest. Make a point to get the amount of sleep that makes you feel the most rested. If you have trouble getting to sleep, natural remedies such as Luna, a natural sleep aid with chamomile, valarian, and melatonin may be helpful. You can find it here.

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2. Get organized- Clutter can create an immense amount of stress for even the most calm hearted. I like this book by Marie Kondo called “The life changing magic of tidying Up”. It’s a book about Japanese style de cluttering.

3. Eat better. Healthier foods can reduce brain chemical imbalances. Try to get the recommended amounts of veggies in your diet, which is roughly 2 1/2 cups to 3 cups of vegetables a day. 

4. Get some exercise. It has been well documented that cardio and aerobic exercise both reduce stress. Yoga and Pilates have powerful benefits as well. You can also check out my article on weight training for women.


5. Take breaks. Getting your work done is important but at least a 15 minute break between 90 minute sessions can be very beneficial, and increase your efficiency. During these breaks do something completely different and relaxing to you. Facebook scroll, practice deep breathing, rest your eyes, do something you can easily pull of out of and not get too distracted with.


6. Talk. Make sure you have someone you can talk to about the stressers in your life. Whether it be a friend, spouse, or relative, make sure you have a go to person that you feel you can confide in and connect with. Allow each other to blow off steam in a casual setting. Then focus on the positives of the day/moment.


7. Some people have found Scott Summon’s program Primal Stress to be particularly helpful. It is a program that focuses on your body and exercise and stress relief techniques.






Lose10 Pounds in 3 Days

Pecan Many people think losing weight is a temporary diet and exercise regime. They say “I’ll go on my diet tomorrow” or “I’m starting South Beach diet soon” but the fact is, for the general population, we can’t go on diets. There is no magic weight loss regime where you lose 10 pounds in 3 days. Even if a diet “works” you will likely gain it back unless you make it a LIFESTYLE change. Do you want to be on South Beach forever?, Considering the cost and effort, most people don’t.

 What you need to do my dear reader, is change your LIFESTYLE. Don’t start big and dramatic, or you will most likely go right back where you started. I want you to start small. Here is a list of foods that make cellulite come and want to stay. Pick five to eliminate from your life for good! (yes you can have it on blue moons.) Don’t cheat and pick things you never eat anyways. Pick five items, and stick to it. You can easily replace these items or modify them to lesser evils.

1. Mayonnaise                     Try light mayonaise  or Mayonnaise with Olive Oil
2. Milkshakes                      Smoothies and vanila ice cream cones are a great alternative
3. Muffins                            Try making your own muffins like the recipe linked here
4. French Fries                     Nowdays most places let you chose a side salad or fruit instead
5. Bacon                                Turkey Bacon is not so bad once you get used to it!
6. Regular AND Diet Soda     Chrystal Light, Snapple, and G2 are pretty tasty too.
7. Doughnuts                        Try lightly buttered toast with cinnamon and brown sugar
8. Cheesecake                       Low fat cheesecake with strawberry sauce is slightly better
9.  Fried Chicken                  Bake chicken in the oven with a bit of olive oil for a fried taste
10. Pizza with Processed Meats         Try a deLIGHT pizza from Papa Murphys
11. Pot Pies
12. Potato Chips                    Baked Chips or oven roasted chips still taste great
13.  Ribs                                Try a lean steak to satify that meat craving
15. Pecan Pie                        Try fruit pies with whole wheat crusts.

All the foods on this list are high in saturated fat, provide little nutritional value, and becon cellulite to come find you. Start by losing some of these fattening foods, and you’ll lose some pounds!

~Healthy Girl