Plasma Donation

Have you ever considered plasma donation? This idea isn’t  new, but it is becoming a more popular option for people to earn extra income or earn money during times of unemployment or temporary leaves of absence. With an average pay of thirty bucks a donation, and the ability to donate up to twice per week, this is an easy way for people to make and extra $240 a month! There are some definite pros and cons to this idea, and as a personal donator I can testify to many of the ups and downs of this extra income earner.

If you are serious about plasma donaton, you will want to bring a picture ID, proof of residence and social security the first time you show up.
Smoking won't affect your ability to donate, but alcohol,drugs, and caffiene could.

Pros to Plasma Donation
* up to $240 a month depending on location (25-35$ a donation)
* Watch free movies while donating (They usually have big screens up in the waiting and donation rooms)
* Help save lives (donations help make pharmaceuticals and are used for other medicinal purposes)
* Meet new people. Since you aren’t allowed to use a cell phone or sleep during donations, you usually end up making a few acquaintances with the regulars.
* You set up your appointments on  YOUR TIME, and have no commitments to make a certain amount of donations
* Regular checks on your weight and protein levels.
* Many places also give bonuses for inviting your friends or have monthly drawings for regulars.

* First time donors have to go through many tests such as a physical and questionnaires. By the time they are done donating, the process can take up to 5 hours!
*You can’t donate if you have been incarcerated for 72 hours, had a tattoo or major surgery in the last 12 months.
* Regular donations can take up to 2 hours per visit
* Energy loss after donation.

If you are thinking about donating, make sure you are healthy enough to do so, and be prepared for the wait! bring an ipod, small laptop, portable DVD player, or anything to keep yourself busy while you are waiting. Just be sure to listen for your name when they call it and remember to be patient.

Happy Donating,