Free Radicals and Disease

What are Free Radicals?
Free radicals are molecules or atoms with one unpaired electron in their outer shell. As we know, an atom has neutrons and protons in it’s neucleus. Swirling around on the outside are electrons. As you may recall from general chemistry, electrons like to pair up into groups of two. When one is left out on the outer shell, the atom becomes a free radical. This makes the atom highly reactive.

Free Radical Theory of Aging
This theory states that all living organisms go through the process of aging because of a build up of damage from free radicals throughout their life spans. Most free radicals are highly reactive and are associated with oxidative damage. When cells in our bodies happen upon  free radicals, it may cause destruction in the cells it encounters. This all may sound very minute when talking about atoms and cells, but this happens all the time throughout our lives and aids in the natural aging process.

Free Radicals and Disease
Many doctors agree that free radicals are the basic cause of all diseases. Examples are
cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and Lou Gehrig's disease. Free radicals are a big part of their mechanism of injury in all these diseases. The use of antioxidant supplements such as Vitamin C in prevention and treatment of these diseases is currently under close investigation and in clinical trials.

What Causes Free Radicals?
One of the primary  creators of free radicals is radiation. Environmental components like sunlight, X-Rays and other radiation will hit the body and generate free radicals in the body. Pollution, dirt, oil, and stress are other creators of free radicals. The tricky part about free radicals is once they are oxidized they in turn, grab a loose electron from elsewhere, thus creating a new free radical.

How Do I Fight Free Radicals?
When fighting free radicals, you are also combating the aging process and warding off diseases! How cool! The best way to fight free radicals is to take care of your body inside and out. Many of us have heard of antioxidants right! THIS IS WHY THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT! Antioxidants provide cells with those extra electrons, thus they are  Anti oxidizers. So the best way to ward off free radicals is to eat drink and put antioxidants on your skin!

Where Do I get Antioxidants?
You can get antioxidants everywhere! Most Mary Kay moisturizers have antioxidants in them for your skin to help fight the aging process, and keep your skin healthy. Generally foods with vitamins A,C, and E are good choices. Also, berries are also powerful antioxidant foods! A few good examples are beans, artichoke hearts, walnuts, cinnamon and hazelnuts.

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Have healthy, anti oxidized cells,
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