Local Honey and Allergies

An allergy myth people commonly hear about is that eating local honey will help with your allergies. The idea makes sense because local honey is made by bees in your area that will pollinate some of the plants you are allergic to. Thus helping you to become immune to the pollen in that area. Unfortunately there is no evidence to suppurt this idea and it is currently more of a myth than a fact.


 Although this is very good reasoning, no research has actually been done to verify this, and there really isn't any evidence to back this theory up. It would be hard to get large honey manufacturers to do a study like this since their honey usually comes from several different sources. Furthermore, the local pollen in honey could actually make allergies worse, according to Tom Ogen, a horticulturist.

The Good News
Although it may not be proven that local honey helps with allergies, there are still many benefits one can get out of honey. Your body quickly absorbs the glucose in honey which can give you an immediate boost in your energy, while the fructose gets absorbed slower, providing you with lasting energy.This wonderful natural sugar works better than cough syrups. Honey also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help with your immunity and digestive system. 

Despite the fact that there is no evidence that local honey helps ward off alllergies, it doesn't hurt to try it, as many people have claimed it has helped. Even if you do not get the desired effects, honey is still a great health food and has many other benefits to make it worth your while.

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