Stretching is something you should get in the habit of doing before and after working out.  It is important for several reasons:

  • -Improves circulationStretch1  
  • -Improves range of motion
  • -Improves posture
  • -Improves your ability to relax
  • -Decreases muscle tension
  • -Decreases pain and soreness

Most importantly, it reduces your risk for injury so you can keep up with your routine!

Before ou workout, stretch until your muscles are warm and flexible. After you workout, make sure to stretch out any tightness you feel, to reduce muscle aches later. There are several types of stretching you can try…

Dynamic stretching moves most of your body parts and slowly increases reach and/or speed of movement. These are controlled, slow stretches within your normal range of motion, and are best performed in reps of 10.
Ex: Doing 10 reps of toe touches while standing.

Active stretching is holding a stretch position without any assistance, and only the use of the muscle by itself.
Ex: Rolling your neck in a circular motion for a few reps.

Stretch3 Passive stretching is holding a stretch position with the assistance of another body part. Doing this to the farthest point you can and holding is known as Static Stretching.
Ex: The classic quadriceps stretch of holding your ankle behind you with your hand.

Isometric stretchingis the fastest way to develop flexibility. It is a type of static stretch using tensing of the muscles. It is usually preceded by a dynamic stretch.
Ex: Holding the ball of your foot while using your cal muscles to point your toes.

 Good stretches for running or jogging:

  • Calf raisesStretch2
  • Standing and touching your toes
  • Heel drops (best done by standing with front half of feet on a curb and dropping heels)
  • Sitting a reaching for your toes with legs spread
  • Standing and holding your ankle behind you
  • A good warm up/cool down slow jog


Good stretches for Aerobics type workouts:

  • Calf raises
  • Standing and touching your toes
  • sitting and reaching for your toes with your legs spread
  • Arm circles
  • Bicep and triceps stretches
  • Twisting your upper body with your feet planted
  • Rolling your head in circular motions
  • A light aerobic warm up such as a jog or jumping rope

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