Simple Changes to Help You Eat Less


Take Time With Your Food
Scientists are discovering one of the key things to eating less at meal times is to take more time eating your meals. Around 30 minutes to be exact. When you sit down at a table and focus on eating and enjoying your food slowly, your body digests better, and your metabolism works in your favor. Eating stimulates hormones that get released by cells in your GI tract, which essentially tell your brain your not hungry anymore. When you eat food fast, and don’t take the time to enjoy it, it lowers the levels of these hormones that control your appetite and tell your body it’s full. According to RealAge, blood tests have been shown that eating slower will increase two chemicals up to 30%. These chemicals are peptide YY and Glucagon-like peptide 1, which are appetite lowering chemicals.

Pay Attention To Portion Size
Slimware Many of use love to eat big slabs of meat or an extra helping of rice or mashed potatoes with dinner, and we know that we aren’t following portion sizes correctly. But actual suggested portion sizes may surprise you. One company has found a way to make knowing your potion sizes fun, and stylish. has a great variety of plates that show you how much you should be eating. They have neat designs right on the plates to help you control your portions. The biggest design is meant for your for your vegetables, the middle size is for your carbs, and the smallest size is for your meats. It’s a cute way to remind yourself of what you should  be putting on your plate, and what you actually are.
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Eat a Snack Before Your Meal
Try eating a snack high in good fat before you sit down for a meal. Good examples are nuts, or peanut butter. This helps your brain to think you are less hungry than you were before and allows you to eat comfortably and responsibly like you deserve.

~Happy Eating, 
   -Healthy Girl 

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