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Many people feel ripped off or cheated when they come to the register to buy their college textbooks. Here are a few simple tips to help you save money on textbooks and get the most for your money.

Start Early- The best tip to save money on textbooks is to start early. This will allow for time to communicate with your professors if needed and get textbooks shipped to you if you bought them online. A good reference point is to start your search 2-3 weeks before classes start.

Price Search- This may be a bit time consuming, but this is really your best option. Be sure to look up the ISBN numbers of all the books you need for school before you start. Most colleges have a site online where you can buy textbooks. For you this is a great way to price your books before you buy. Once you get a general price for each book, price compare with ebay, amazon, and These are amazing websites for textbook buying.

Sell Backs- If you feel you no longer have use for a textbook, once again you are going to want to price search. Check your bookstore first, then see what the going price is for each item on other websites. This will help you get the most back for your purchases.

Rentals- Textbook rentals are often the wrong way to go. You can escape with paying far less for a book if you consider your buying your own personal renting and sell back your book when you are finished with your class. This process takes time, but can save you lots of money

Be Wary of Software- Some textbooks come with CDs or access codes you will need for class. The best thing to do so you can avoid software complications is to email your professor in advance before your classes start. If your access code or software is needed with the book, make sure the version you are purchasing has the software with it.

Lab Manuals- Often lab manuals are particular to each college. If this is the case, see if you can buy the manual and photo copy the pages. Then you can return it within the buyback period and save lots of money! Sometimes this is significantly worth the cost and effort and other times it is not. Be sure to make good estimates of how much each photocopy will cost you.

Happy Book Buying!  ~HealthyGirl

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