Low Carb Acronyms, Phrases and Lingo


If you are new to the world of low carb, you may have noticed it is a completely different way of thinking. You have probably already come across many acronyms and phrases that people commonly use. Here is a list of common low carb acronyms and phrases you are likely to see.

LCHF- Low carb high fat.
This is the foundation of a true low carb diet. It involves completely changing your perspective on what is healthy food. Generally people aim to stay between 20 to 50 carbs a day depending on what stage they are in. Processed foods are typically loaded with carbs and discouraged, while fat is healthy and highly encouraged. Examples would be ranch dressing, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, cheese, HWC and other high fat products.

Ketogenic Diet
This the main principle of a low carb diet. It focuses on  high fat, adequate protein and low carbs. It forces the body into ketosis, where it burns fast instead of carbs, as we provide the body with very few of them to use. This diet is sometimes used in medicine to treat refractory epilepsy.

bulletproof coffee low carb acronyms

BPC- Bullet Proof Coffee
This is a common morning tradition for the LC community. It involves blending melted butter and sometimes heavy whipping cream with coffee to increase fat content. Some also feel it helps keep them regular, as constipation is a common problem in this community.


HWC- Heavy Whipping Cream-
You will find HWC in many low carb recipes. It is commonly used in coffee, and as a cream base for soups and sauces.

intermittent fasting low carb acronyms

IF- Intermittent Fasting
This is a technique common in the body building community. It consists of “narrowing” the window of which you eat, and not necessarily limiting how much you eat. For Example, twice  a week you may push breakfast up to noon and only eat from the hours of noon to 6. The idea behind this is to push your body into fasting and burning fat longer.

WOE- Way of Eating
Many dedicated low carbers like to view low carb as a way of eating. As in changing how they look at food for good. Many people criticize low carb diet as they gain the weight right back after stopping. Others have made a commitment to continually watch carbs as they go through life as anyone who goes back to the way they were eating before, is going to look like they did before! This is also similar to WOL (way of living or way of life)

non scale victory low carb acronyms

NSV- Non Scale Victory
Many people report stalls as with any weight loss journey. However, even when the scale doesn’t move, people are still seeing results in inches, compliments, clothes fitting better, ect… The scale doesn’t always determine your success.

Fat bombs
Fat bombs are homemade high-fat, low-carb and low-protein snacks. They are a convenient source of energy and are ideal for those who need to add healthy fats in their diet to meet daily macronutrient goals. They are  also used for sugar cravings as sugar is generally frowned upon in the low carb community. You can literally find hundreds of recipes online.

macro chart low carb acronyms

When you hear people talking about reaching their macros, they mean their macronutrient goals. The LC thinking changes around what nutrients are major portions of your diet. The picture above is a common ratio in the ketogenic diet. You can calculate your own macronutrient goals here. Not everyone monitors their macros on a LC diet. Often, just counting carbs is enough.

fat fast low carb acronyms

FF- Fat Fast
This is where one would try to get 90% of their intake to be fat. Some people have even reported nibbling on a brick of cream cheese all day. It may sound crazy, but it is meant to get the body used to burning fats for fuels. If that is the only thing you provide your body with for the day, guess what it has to use? FAT! This is typically only done for 2-3 days max, as it can be unhealthy long term. Most people use it to overcome a weight loss stall, or to get into ketosis. You can learn more about fat fasting here.


meat fast low carb acronyms

Meat Fast
This is another commonly used method to break a weight loss stall. Some people prefer it over a fat fast as it is easier. This fast is typically 3-5 days long where one would eat nothing but meat. Any kind of meat is acceptable, and butter and olive oil and mayo are okay. Dairy, cheese, and veggies are generally avoided. Up to 2 eggs a day are allowed and plenty of water is encouraged. Soda, coffee and caffeine are also avoided. Read more about the Meat Fast Here.

A whoosh is where a person is typically having difficulty losing weight for a few days or weeks. Then, suddenly they are down several pounds overnight. May people believe this is due to the fat cells in the body holding on to water before finally giving out and releasing and disappearing.

What Low Carb phrases Have you come across?

8 Tips for Jogging at Night

There are a select few of us who enjoy jogging, and I’m sure there are even less of us who enjoy jogging at night! But I am proud to admit I am one of them. I especially enjoy night time jogging in the Summer when it’s nice and cooled off from the heat of the day. I love to gaze at the stars during my intermittent walking periods or my cool down.

However, jogging outside has it’s risks. Jogging at night only increases those risks. So if you are like me and love to jog at night, here are few helpful tips to help you stay safe!

1. Wear Reflective Clothing
I can’t stress this enough. It is important for cars to be able to see you, especially when your crossing any street. Unless you plan on jogging around the same block 50 times, best to get yourself some reflective clothing. Like this Adidas Reflective Jogging Tee. {affiliate} Even Reflective Tape would work well, which could be easily removed. Make sure it is on the front AND the back so it can be seen from both directions.

Talking on Phone2. Tell Someone Where You Are Going.
It may seem trivial for an mature person to need to let others know where they are, but a good rule of thumb is to tell someone in your household roughly where you will be jogging, and what time you will roughly be back.

bright clothing jogging at night3. Wear Bright Clothing too.
Along with reflective clothing, make sure it’s BRIGHT! You want to be seen! Even in the dark, bright clothing will be seen better by car headlights and under street lights. You can also buy a clip on jogging light that is hands free like this one {affiliate} Clip On Strobe LED Safety Light Kit

Street Light

4. Speaking of Lights…
Make sure you are jogging in a well lit area! Pay attention to park hours as their lights may go out after operation hours to deter late night visitors. If you are jogging in your own neighborhood, and you see a street light out, don’t be afraid to contact your electric company to have them get it fixed.

5. Stay off the Streets
This becomes more crucial at night. Be sure that you are jogging in a place that has sidewalk or a jogging path for you to be on. The further away from cars, the safer you are.

jogging partner

6. Get a Buddy
This one may be hard, but jogging with a partner is ALWAYS a smart idea. If you have no one in person to jog with, bring a dog along. Odds are they need the exercise too! Just be sure you have a good handle on them, as chasing a dog around in the dark would NOT be fun!

7. Lower Your Music
This tip isn’t the funnest, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure your music is low enough to hear nearby traffic and people. Music can drain batteries on phones quickly, especially when streaming, so be sure you have a good charge to be able to use your phone if you run into trouble. A better idea would be to not listen to music at all. Sometimes nature and the night sky are all you need to keep going.

phone location jogging at night8. Keep Location on Your Phone
Remember how google seems to have a map of everywhere you go? When your location is on, your cell phone pings various towers and satellites as you move around. If anything were to happen to you, (heaven forbid!) Local authorities should be able to figure out where you have been most recently. It may take more battery power however, so make sure you have a good charge!

Stay safe out there!


Valentine’s Day Low Carb Style

This post is cutting it close to Valentine’s day, but many of us out there are last minute planners, myself included. Valentine’s day is a potential slip up day as it is associated with candy and chocolates, and often times, a romantic dinner. So how do you stay on track this valentines day and still have a good time? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Skip the Chocolate!
Valentines chocolateIf your partner is planning on getting you a little treat for the holiday, be sure to let them know you’d prefer something other than candy. Flowers, teddy bears and cute house plants are all great alternatives. If you really want the yummy treats, dark chocolate is a great option, such as Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares {affiliate}
which are anywhere from 3-5g of carbs each.

low carb red wine

Wine & Cheese Platter
This is always a fun idea, and really easy on a low carb diet. Pick out a few fancy cheeses from your deli, and perhaps some red wine. Create your own wine and cheese pairing for a pre dinner event, or a late night relaxing evening. Cheese is generally low in carbs and there are so many cheeses to choose from. Red wine is generally lower in carbs, and the dryer the better. Most people can enjoy a glass or two of red wine and stay in Ketosis and avoid stalls. For a general reference, this table by Yellow Tail lists all the nutrition facts in their wine. Not all wine brands match up to this, however, but you can look up other brands individually.

Low Carb Steak for Valentines day

The Dinner
Steak and lobster are completely on the table tonight! Don’t be afraid to go out and enjoy yourself at a nice dinner. Most resteraunts offer different options for sides, and double veggies is a great option! So go ahead and enjoy your steak, with butter on top and a side of broccoli or whichever veggies you choose. Just be sure to avoid the potatoes and breads. You will be plenty full without them!

Low Carb raspberries

The Dessert
Dessert can be hard to stay on track when eating out. There just simply aren’t a lot of options. A safer bet would be to make your own dessert ahead of time. Try dipping a handful of berries in some dark chocolate. Remember that tart berries such as raspberries or blackberries are lower in carbs. Simply add a dab of butter or coconut oil to any dark chocolate you have on hand and melt in the microwave or stove. Dip the berries ahead of time and put in the fridge to enjoy when you get home. (If you even have room in your tummy after dinner!)

Berry  |  Net Carbs in 1/4 cup unless otherwise noted

  • Acai Berry (1 oz)     5.0
  • Blackberry     2.7
  • Blueberry     4.1
  • Cranberry     2.0
  • Elderberry     4.0
  • Gooseberry     9.0
  • Huckleberry (3.5 oz)     8.0
  • Raspberry     1.5
  • Strawberry     1.8

Valentines day after party

The After Party
After you survived the holiday and stayed on track, it’s your turn to feel sexy and confident! No belly bloat from carbs, no sugar crash from chocolates, just one happy camper. Put on your best outfit and have some fun! You deserve it!


What are  your plans this Valentines day?