What is Spirit Day?

What is Spirit day anyways?

It is a new remembrance day where people wear purple in remembrance of those who tragically committed suicide due to bullying from identifying as LGBTQ. This day also serves to support those who are struggling with bullying, and/or coming out, as well as to take a stand against bullying!

Thanks to all of those who are wearing purple today, on October 20th, to stand up and help fight agianst homophobic bullying. It does not matter what your views are on the LGBTQ community, this kind of bullying is intollerable and must be stopped.

We are wearing purple in remembrance of the 6 young gay men who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes and at their schools. Purple represents spirit on the LGBTQ flag, and that is exactly what we’d like everyone to have today: SPIRIT!

For all of you people who identify as LGBTQ and are struggling Please know that times will get better, and you will meet people who will love and respect you for who you are, no matter what your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

This is a wonderful effort to raise awareness of thse concerning issues. However, it will not stop thses acts alone. For everyone, please remember that it is EVERYBODYS job to stop bullying. If you see it, stop it. If you are not brave enough to stop it, at least tell someone who can. Many of us have been bullied before. Remember what that feels like and hlep stop it. Be sure to talk to people who might be struggling with this issue of bullying (no matter what the reason is for the bullying) and make sure they know you are there to talk. Often bullied kids will not reach out to people, they can start feeling helpless, and start on a cycle of self hatred, much like these 6 students probably did. As many fellow bloggers agree, bullying is a community issue we all need to adress.
 Remember, it is up to us!!

Rest in Peace:Purple bullying

Tyler Clementi

Seth Walsh

Justin Aaberg

Raymond Chase

Asher Brown

Billy Lucas


What do you do on Spirit Day? How do you show your support? Comment below!

Vanishing Twin Syndrome


What is Vanishing Twin Syndrome?
This is a syndrome where one of the fetuses from a set of twins or multiple fetuses dissapears in the uterus during a pregnancy. This interesting phenomenon has only been known for about 60 years. This is mostly due to the new advances with ultrasound technology, as we can now see fetuses in the first trimester. With Vanishing Twin syndrome, the fetus is usually gone in the second ultra sound. According to the american pregnancy association, this happens in 21-30% of multiple fetus pregnancies.

What Are the Signs and Causes of Vanishing Twin Syndrome?
This typically happens in the first trimester, with women over thirty. Signs might include bleeding, cramps and pain. Although the exact causes are not known, many of the problems lead back to chromosomal abnormalities, which occur quite frequently in all miscarriages. Problems can also stem from abnormal cord formation.This typically happens in the first trimester, with women over thirty. 

What Happens to the Vanished Fetus?
The vanishing fetus will usually be completely absorbed by the surviving fetus. It can also be compressed, a condition known as fetus papyraceus. There can also be an abnormal formation on the placenta, such as a cyst.

What About the Surviving Fetus?
If the other fetus has vanished after the first trimester, it may be at risk for cerebra palsy, according to WebMD. Otherwise the remaining twin is usually healthy, and unaffected by the loss.

Although this medical phenomenon may seem scary, it is a natural part of pregnancy. Many miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities and improper placement of the umbilical cord. It only makes sense that this can happen to a single fetus, multiple fetuses, or one of multiple fetuses.


Why Go Green?

There are millions of articles about HOW to go green. But What about Why?

Many people around the world are passionate about going green, saving the planet, and creating a better world for our children. However, there are still many of us who don’t see or care about the point. Who cares about all the tree hugging hippie stuff anyways? Here are a few things to keep in mind about going green. Try to keep an open mind, and try to see why others are so passionate about this topic.

What About This Hippie Hybrid Stuff?

Car manufacturers, government, and even regular citizen are looking for alternate sources of fuel for our transportation. Why? Not only does out current system pollute the earth, help deplete the ozone, and helps increase free radical damage, but fossil fuels will run out anywhere from 50 to 70 years. That means pretty soon countries are going to be fighting over this down to the last few drops. Do you want to be in that fight? Especially since America is has hardly any oil compared to other countries. Hybrids, electric cars, and other inventions are attempts to get America running on some other fuel type so we don’t have to be in that fight.

What’s With All This Recycle Stuff?

If we didn’t start recycling, soon all the land fills would be filled up. They are still currently closing at a rate of 1 per day. Also, there are only two structures on earth that can be seen from space. One is the great wall of China, and the other is the Fresh Kills Landfill. However, little changes can make a huge difference. It’s a choice between the blue bin and the black one. Recycling is made so easy these days. All you have to do is pick your can, or call someone to pick up your batteries. Almost everything can be recycled. All you have to do is take one look at a smelly, giant, destructive landfill, and one thought should cross your mind. We can do better!

Why Should We Care About Stopping Global Warming

Without getting into the big debate about the actual cause of global warming, we do know that we are creating huge amounts of Co2 and cabon emissions by burning fossil fuel. We do know we are polluting our cities as we make the sky grayer, our lungs more damaged, and our earth harmed. Reducing our fossil fuel use, and Co2 emission will help make all these things better, and if we help slow down global warming in the process, so be it.

Happy Green Living,    ~HealthyGirl