We have all heard that 8  glasses full of 8 oz of water is what we should be drinking every day. This is a rough, easy to remember guideline for popper hydration. The more exact recommendation is about 3 liters a day (13 cups) for men and 2.2 liters (9 cups) a day for women, according to the Mayo Clinic.  But how many of us are actually getting that amount?

Every day we are losing water just by breathing, sweating, and breaking up our food in our gut. Its very important to keep up on the amount of water you drink per day. If you are doing high activity sports or exercises, Gatorade might be a little better because of the added electrolytes…just beware of the sugars. The sugar free ones are a good hydration alternative. These are important because when we sweat we are also sweating salts and other electrolytes, which these sports drinks can replenish. Drinking water alone without electrolytes could result in a dangerous situation called hyponatremia, where your body has too much water and not enough salts and electrolytes floating around.


The important thing is to listen to your body. Carry a water bottle with you at work or school and make a goal to finish it before you allow yourself to indulge in those other drinks. Another great way to increase your water intake is to drink plain iced tea. It has no calories or sugar or fake sugar, but gives water some flavor.

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