Organic Workouts: Back To The Basics

Many people like working out without machinery. They like  getting back to the basics. I like to call this type of workout Organic. The benefits of organic workouts is they are always reliable, and portable. You don't have to have any machinery to pack around, because working out organically needs no tools. Just you, your breathing, your muscles.

Running in the sand

Jogging in the Sand– Of course any type of jogging, walking, or running can be beneficial to your heart, and muscle health. But if you can find a way to do this in the sand, nature will work you harder than regular pavement would if you were to go the same distance. If you don't have sand available, jogging uphill is a great alternative!

Sit ups, crunches & reverse crunches– Yea, the ab lounge is pretty awesome. But I'm sure we all Sit upsremember how to do our sit ups and crunches too. Many people (especially us women) try to avoid them at all cost. In actuality, these are the fitness exercises we can use when away from the gym, or only have a few minutes a day to work on them!

Reverse crunches  and jack knives are great too. In these exercises you lay flat on the floor and lift your legs together straight up in the air then straight back down (but not all the way down! let your ankles hover a few inches above the floor!). In a jackknife, the legs do the same thing, but when they go straight up, you pull front up as well, in a crunch + reverse crunch manor.

Lunges & Squats– These are great exercises that also barely get utilized. The best part is whenever you are alone you can drop a few squats, or lunge across the room and back. Do them while doing laundry, or cleaning the house, or hover over your chair for a few seconds before you sit down at work! Take advantage of your body's natural weight resistance. A great benefit to practicing these daily will come out on the dance floor. Sometimes tall girls (like me) have a hard time "pop lock and dropping it" or "getting low." But doing squats more often will help you get low and feel more confident about it!


Pull ups and Push ups– Now time for the arms! Don't forget do do a few simple push ups daily for arm workouts. Try and do push ups until you fail. ( a fail is a pause of three seconds or more between repetitions). As for pull ups, if you can't even do one, go back to what you did in high school. Jump up there and hold the pull up pose for as long as you want. Try these on a thick tree branch or other overhead bars you come across!

Have a happy workout!


8 Ways To Get Your 30 Minutes Of Exercise Daily



Always take the stairs- They can be quite an epic addition to your daily routiene. Even if you work in a giant buliding with more than 3 floors. Try Stopping the elevator a few floors below where you need to go. Try 1-2 floors at first, then work your way from there.

Park in the back of the parking lot- This is another no-brainer that most people don't utilize. Many people spend precious time waiting or searching for that perfect spot. You know what? WHO CARES? park in the back, and get some extra steps in, while improving the chance that your car won't get hit by random shoppoing carts and car doors.

Reebok and Sketcher Workout Shoes- Reebok sells a brand of shoes called Easy Tones and the sketchers are known as Shape Ups. Both these brands retail for around $100, but they are selling out in stores all over the country with pretty positive ratings from their customers.

Reebok claims that wearing EasyTone walking shoes will exercise your legs with every step. They are becoming one of Reebok's best selling products because they offers quick results.Reebok officials say, "The EasyTone is the company‚Äôs most successful new product in at least five years."

Sketchers claim that their shoes make it feel like you are walking on sand. They  come with a DVD on how to use them. They also claim that on average women who wear Shape-ups for 6 weeks lose an average of 3.25 pounds while their body composition is reduced by about 1.125%. As well as their, back strength increases by 37%.\

Wear a pedometer– Research has shown that wearing a pedometer makes you walk more. Being awarePedometer of the steps you make, will help you keep on track with walking, and hopefully encourage you to walk more to reach those nice even numbers. From there start setting goals by 50 more steps a week, and see how far you can take yourself!

Use your break time wisely- This is a great time to get a group of co-workers to get together and go on walks while your on a short break. Even walking by yourself can give you some well deserved alone time to maybe focus on your goals for the next day. After all, what is a break for, but to get some fresh air?

Get a partner or two- Having a small group of friends or co-workers together greatly increases the Group chance that you will continue what you are doing. Be sure to make a deal to help each other out with achieving your goals and stay on top of each other.


Talk– Telling someone  aboout what you ate and how much you worked out every day will help you keep on top of things. This simple task takes 5 minues, but is really effective in helping you stay on top of your goals, because you are forced to face it every day, and the facts are right there in front of you, whether you reached your goal or not.

Break your workout into 30 minute segments - For some people this can be really effective. Start with some yoga before you shower in the morning, go for a brisk walk at lunch, and do some cardio after work. This way you have time for you family and daily needs, but can still get in what you need. This strategy may not work for everyone, but for some, it's the way to fit in everything into that tight schedule!

Feel free to tell me about your workout regime, and how it works into your schedule! ~Healthygirl




Stretching is something you should get in the habit of doing before and after working out.  It is important for several reasons:

  • -Improves circulationStretch1  
  • -Improves range of motion
  • -Improves posture
  • -Improves your ability to relax
  • -Decreases muscle tension
  • -Decreases pain and soreness

Most importantly, it reduces your risk for injury so you can keep up with your routine!

Before ou workout, stretch until your muscles are warm and flexible. After you workout, make sure to stretch out any tightness you feel, to reduce muscle aches later. There are several types of stretching you can try…

Dynamic stretching moves most of your body parts and slowly increases reach and/or speed of movement. These are controlled, slow stretches within your normal range of motion, and are best performed in reps of 10.
Ex: Doing 10 reps of toe touches while standing.

Active stretching is holding a stretch position without any assistance, and only the use of the muscle by itself.
Ex: Rolling your neck in a circular motion for a few reps.

Stretch3 Passive stretching is holding a stretch position with the assistance of another body part. Doing this to the farthest point you can and holding is known as Static Stretching.
Ex: The classic quadriceps stretch of holding your ankle behind you with your hand.

Isometric stretchingis the fastest way to develop flexibility. It is a type of static stretch using tensing of the muscles. It is usually preceded by a dynamic stretch.
Ex: Holding the ball of your foot while using your cal muscles to point your toes.

 Good stretches for running or jogging:

  • Calf raisesStretch2
  • Standing and touching your toes
  • Heel drops (best done by standing with front half of feet on a curb and dropping heels)
  • Sitting a reaching for your toes with legs spread
  • Standing and holding your ankle behind you
  • A good warm up/cool down slow jog


Good stretches for Aerobics type workouts:

  • Calf raises
  • Standing and touching your toes
  • sitting and reaching for your toes with your legs spread
  • Arm circles
  • Bicep and triceps stretches
  • Twisting your upper body with your feet planted
  • Rolling your head in circular motions
  • A light aerobic warm up such as a jog or jumping rope