5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Don’t Give up on That New Year’s Resolution Yet!

By eflon


1.    Get out those clothes your looking forward to:

  Grab that bathing suit you are hoping to wear this summer. Guys and Gals, whether you want to look great in that bikini, those swim trunks, or even those skinny jeans you have hidden in the closet. Put them in a place you will see them every day, like in your bathroom mirror, or on the back of your bedroom door.  Tell yourself, “I am going to get a step closer to this today.”

2.    Start a collage.

   There are many reasons why people want to lose weight, or get fit, or eat By Fabio Bruna healthier. What are yours? Make a list of the top 5-10 reasons why you want to do this. This can be anything from being able to keep up with your kids, to feeling sexier when you see yourself nude in the mirror. Find pictures, draw, or find articles of things to represent those reasons. Make a collage for yourself and put it where you will be able to see it daily.


3.    Tell people.


   Comedy nose The more people you tell about this lifestyle change, or workout regime you are  trying, the more likely you are to keep up with it. I don’t mejust tell them once, I mean keep updated with them as well. If you have a person or people who are doing similar things, make it a goal to talk to each other often, and talk about the progress you are making! This way you can motivate each other!

4.    Have a Mantra.

Remember Dori fromFinding Nemo? Remember her mantra? Just keep swimming…When you feel like skipping out on the last part of a routine, don’t want to climb those stairs today, or want to eat that pecan pie, start saying your mantras so you can focus back on your goal. I personally live on the 5th floor of my building. I hate climbing those stairs, but I tell myself I HAVE to do it. My personal mantra is Bikini, Bikini, Bikini. This is because for me, I have never felt fit enough to wear a Bikini in my LIFE. So the thought of rewarding myself with a nice bikini, and having the guts to wear it, makes this little mantra a great one for me. What’s most important to you?


5.    Set small, reasonable Goals.

  For every small goal you reach, the success of meeting these goals will give you the energy and excitement to reach the next one. For example. Lets say you want to lose 36 pounds, get rid of belly fat, and give up your favorite candy. Don’t start your change with all this as one goal. Experts say a goal of loosing 2lbs a week is reasonable. So this person has 18 weeks, or 4 months to achieve this goal. I would also recommend giving yourself some slack when it comes to the giant goal. 20 weeks is a better goal to set, giving yourself some slack. Each week, see if you have made your goal. If not, move that goal to the next week, and push yourself harder. With each small goal in mind, the big goal will come easier than you think.

If you have other motivation ideas that worked for you, feel free to let me know! ~Healthygirl

How to Meditate


Everyone could use a little time to relax and get away from stressful mainstream life. Meditation is a great way to accomplish this. It is the art of focusing all your attention on one thing and finding peace in your consciousness. It pulls you away from worries, and every day problems, and brings you closer to true happiness. 


· A quiet, clean area

· Something soft to sit on

· Candle/ potpourri (optional)

Setting: make sure your area is clean and won’t be disturbed for about 20-30 minutes. You can play soft, non lyrical music, nature sounds, or have complete silence, whichever your preference, and Sit in a comfortable position on a flat surface. This can be on the floor or in a chair.



· Wear comfortable clothing. Some suggest trying it nude for ultimate comfort.

· Keep your back straight and upright.

· Relax your arms and place your hands in your lap or on your knees.

· Keep your entire body completely relaxed. If you need to, focus on each part of your body from head to toe until everything is completely relaxed.

Next you are going to want to Clear Your Mind. This can be challenging at first, because of how much goes on in our daily lives, but with practice, it should get


Start by closing your eyes. This should make it easier to concentrate.

· Next, focus on your breathing. Become fully aware of  the air moving in and out of your body. Take deep breaths and fill your lungs with air. Relax. Try breathing in through your nose and out your mouth.

· Let your thoughts slip out of your mind. You'll need to be patient with this at the beginning. Try to turn off your inner dialogue. If a thought pops into your head, don't get frustrated, just acknowledge it, and let it pass from your mind.

· Some people repeat a mantra such as "aum" to stay focused. Speaking out loud is ok as well. You can tell yourself to be relaxed or "be at peace."

If  Clearing your mind is too difficult, you can try imagining yourself in a calm, relaxing place, such as a under a waterfall, or in a meadow. Try to stick with simple nature images.

Last of all, it is perfectly ok to fall asleep during meditation. Just make sure you are prepared for it in case it happens.

Happy Meditating!   ~Healthygirl

Top Ten Most Stressful Life Events

  Top 10 Most Stressful Occurrences for Americans:


  1. Spouse Death  

  2. Divorce

  3. Marriage Separation

  4. Jail term

  5. Death of a loved one

  6. Injury or illness

  7. Marriage

  8. Job loss

  9. Pregnancy

  10. Retirement/Change of financial status

Studies show that stress comes from four main areas:

1. Environnment- Our physical surroundings such as an unsafe neighborhood

2. Relationships- With friends, family, and partners

3. Work- Job dissatisfaction, overworking, insufficient pay, conflicts with boss/coworkers

4. Social- Poverty, discrimination, harassment, unemployment, isolation


Some of the stress-related symptoms  described in my previous post can get worse or become chronic conditions if stress is repetitive or persistent. This is because the body continues to secrete stress hormones, and blood pressure remains at a higher level.

Effects the body might experience are:


  • Chronic headache

  • Exacerbation on allergies/asthma

  • Substance Abuse

  • Weight Loss/gain

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Irritable bowel syndrome exacerbation

  • Anxiety disorder

  • High blood pressure

  • Increased stroke risk

  • Increased heart attack risk

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases

To learn more about the effects stress has on your body, check out my other article:


Some Great Tips For Fighting Stress:


ID-1002539311. Get plenty of rest. Make a point to get the amount of sleep that makes you feel the most rested. If you have trouble getting to sleep, natural remedies such as Luna, a natural sleep aid with chamomile, valarian, and melatonin may be helpful. You can find it here.

LUNA – #1 Natural Sleep Aid on Amazon – Herbal, Non-Habit Forming Sleeping Pill (Made with Valerian, Chamomile, Passionflower, Lemon Balm, Melatonin & More!) – IntraNaturals Lifetime Guarantee


2. Get organized- Clutter can create an immense amount of stress for even the most calm hearted. I like this book by Marie Kondo called “The life changing magic of tidying Up”. It’s a book about Japanese style de cluttering.

3. Eat better. Healthier foods can reduce brain chemical imbalances. Try to get the recommended amounts of veggies in your diet, which is roughly 2 1/2 cups to 3 cups of vegetables a day. 

4. Get some exercise. It has been well documented that cardio and aerobic exercise both reduce stress. Yoga and Pilates have powerful benefits as well. You can also check out my article on weight training for women.


5. Take breaks. Getting your work done is important but at least a 15 minute break between 90 minute sessions can be very beneficial, and increase your efficiency. During these breaks do something completely different and relaxing to you. Facebook scroll, practice deep breathing, rest your eyes, do something you can easily pull of out of and not get too distracted with.


6. Talk. Make sure you have someone you can talk to about the stressers in your life. Whether it be a friend, spouse, or relative, make sure you have a go to person that you feel you can confide in and connect with. Allow each other to blow off steam in a casual setting. Then focus on the positives of the day/moment.


7. Some people have found Scott Summon’s program Primal Stress to be particularly helpful. It is a program that focuses on your body and exercise and stress relief techniques.