Doing a Meat Fast… Is it Healthy For You?

Meat fast low carbFirst of All What is a Meat Fast?
A meat fast is where one commits to eating only meats for a rang of 2-4 days. A Carnivore fast if you will. It is occasionally used on a low carb diet.


Why Would Someone Do a Meat Fast?
The two main reasons to do a meat fast would be to break a stall, or to get into Ketosis (fat burning mode) quicker. Again, it is ONLY meant to be done for a few days. Long term, it would be more risk than benefit.

How Does it Work?
The meat fast is a relatively new concept. It has the same principles as a fat fast, but many people feel a meat fast is easier to perform. For roughly three days, one would commit to eating only meats and fats. Coffee, mayo, olive oil, and mustard are all okay. The rest is meats without sugary cures. This puts the person at a very low carb interval and higher protein and fats. By limiting one’s carbs to practically zero, and only providing the body with protein and fats to work with, the idea is to force the body into fat burning mode.

meat fast science

Is There Science Behind This?
Unfortunately I have yet to find clinical studies proving this is an effective way to jump into ketosis. Dr. Atkins would recommend his patients try a fat fast if they were extremely insulin resistant and had a hard time getting into ketosis or having a stall for longer than 3 weeks. However, the fat fast would consist of 90% fat and literally doing things like nibbling on a brick of cream cheese all day. I can say there are NUMEROUS studies showing that a LCHF diet works for weight loss and often times with twice the results of a low fat diet. Since the Meat Fast is simply a more extreme version of LCHF, it is safe to day at the worst case scenario, you are simply getting the same results as if you were eating regular LCHF.

meat fast

What is an Example of a Meat Fast Diet?
Day 1 Morning: 2 eggs and bacon and coffee
Day 1 noon: turkey rolls with mayo
Day 1 Dinner: Steak with melted butter

Day 2 Morning: 2 eggs with sausage with coffee
Day 2 noon: Cut up chicken breast sauteed in olive oil
Day 2 Dinner: Hamburger without bun or toppings. (add mayo)

Day 3 Morning: 2 eggs mixed with chorizo with coffee
Day 3 noon: Hot dog or Italian sausage
Day 3 Dinner: Pork chops with melted butter.

brauts meat fast

If you are eating lean meats such as fish or chicken, be sure to fatten it up! Pan fry it in a little olive oil, add mayo or butter.

The other important thing would be to make sure you are getting PLENTY of water. A  diet without veggies or very much fiber can make you very very constipated. Do drinking water like your life depends on it is very important.

Would you ever be crazy enough to try a meat fast? Comment Below!


Light Milkshake Recipe

light milkshake recipe


So its the new year and you just made your resolution. Its about the end of week two and the cravings are really starting to kick in. Especially those late night sweets cravings…those are the worst!

If ice cream or a milkshake is on your craving list, you might want to give this a shake. Try this homemade light milkshake recipe, and within in seconds you will have a yummy beverage on your hands. In fact you can have this faster than it would take you to hop in your car and go get it from Wendy’s.  This skinny milkshake recipe is around 150 calories, has the added benefit of  protein naturally found in milk.

Prep time: 1 minute

Serving Size: 1

3/4 cup of low fat or fat free milk
about 14 ice cubes (1 tray or 3 cups of crushed ice)
1/2 tsp Vanilla
1-2 Tbsp  Cocoa powder
1/3 of a Banana

Optional: 1 packet of stevia, splenda, or other sweetener of your choice.

Serve. Enjoy!

What did you think of this light milkshake recipe? For more “lighter fare” recipes, and tips, follow us or stop by again to check out more from our skinny series.





Salt Alternatives For a Healthier You

So you get the news from the dreaded blood pressure cuff. You still have high blood pressure. Your doctor tells you that you have to change your diet. Cut back on the beloved salt. They threaten you with big scary words associated with high blood pressure such as STROKE. KIDNEY DAMAGE. VISION LOSS. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. HEART FAILURE.

How and where do you even begin? First I would start by cutting back on some common foods with high salt content. You can see some of the top offenders in my other article here. If you have been paying some attention, you have probably figured out that the best way to avoid salt is to start making food yourself instead of buying frozen meals, eating out, and eating all that processed food. Well how the heck are you supposed to flavor your food now?  Below I have created a list of great ways to season your food without using salt. Give some of these a try and let me know how it turns out!

Mrs Dash Pic

1. Mrs Dash Original Salt Free Blend {affiliate}
Most of us have come across this salt alternative. Mrs. Dash is a great place to begin for those trying to avoid salt. All of the different Mrs. Dash varieties are salt free and offer unique flavors to spice up your food.


2. Garlic. I am a huge fan of garlic. For the simplest method, try using garlic powder. You can also buy jars of minced garlic (which typically do not have salt). The best way of course is to get fresh garlic and chop it up yourself or use a Garlic Press like the one I use. {affiliate}


3. Lime is a great alternative to salt. Just squeeze a quarter of a lime over your entire dish just before serving. Stir and serve! Lemon is also  a good option to squeeze over your favorite dishes. Try lime over more of your spicy dishes, while using lemon on your more mellow creations.

no salt

4. No Salt. No salt is a salt alternative for those of use who just can’t live without a salt taste. This product is made with potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride. Definitely worth a try!


5. Sea Salt or Kosher Salt?? Depending on where you look, some sources like the american heart association will tell you that sea salt or kosher salt may have less sodium than regular table salt because of the larger crystals, while others such as the mayo clinic say you get the same amount of sodium in all of them. As the results are inconclusive at this time, it is likely best to use all salt products in moderation.

What salt alternatives have you tried?

Happy Salting,