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Easy Low Carb Desserts

Some people struggle with the breads, pastas and tortillas on a low carb diet. However others (like me) struggle with the sweets. This is one of the tougher parts of a low carb diet, because many things you are going to have to make yourself if you want a low carb option of a sweet. Most sugar free options are LOADED with carbs, even diabetic candy, ironically. The problem is we all have busy lives, and often times we are TIRED. Who wants to make dessert? It’s suppost to be a rewarding treat.

While there are plenty of AMAZING recipes out there for low carb desserts, I want to share with you a few instant guilt free low carb desserts that you can have on hand, without spending much time in the kitchen. 

Sugar Free Jell-O with Whipped Cream {affiliate link}
This is pretty much the go to for instant desserts on a low carb diet. Sugar free jello has 0 carbs, and whipped cream has about 1 carb per tbs. Keep a few packs of sugar free jello on hand. You can buy the 4 cup packs, or make it yourself.

Low Carb Dessert Sugar Free Jell-O

Sugar Free-Fat Free Instant Pudding {affiliate link}
Ok this one may require a little work of making boxed pudding, unless you can find the little cups of sugar free fat free pudding. I know low carb is all about the high fat, however the full fat version has about 13g of carbs, while the fat free has about 6. This is not usually the case for low fat products, but there are exceptions to every rule. Note this is not for every type of SF FF pudding, so be sure to check your labels.


Dark Chocolate {affiliate link}
Chocolate has probably been a woman’s best friend since it was invented. However, if you have looked at nutrition labels when having a chocolate craving, it will probably make you cringe! However, dark chocolate is typically lower in sugar and carbs, and there are plenty of studies showing how good dark chocolate is for you. I love to have a little square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate if I’ve been pretty good that day. Each squre has 6g carbs and 1g fiber = 5g net carbs. YUM! If you can go darker, the Intense Dark, Midnight Reverie cocoa squares {affiliate link} are 86% dark chocolate, and have 3.8g of carbs and 1.3g of fiber = 2.5g of carbs each!

Low Carb Desserts Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

Mr. Goodbar Milk Chocolate Bar Miniatures {affiliate link}
If you’re not a fan of the dark chocolate, thats okay, Mr. Goodbar mini candy bars are a good alternative. These are made with milk chocolate and contain peanuts for that added crunch. Each fun size bar has 4 g of carbs.

Low Carb Desserts Mr. Goodbar

Sugar Free Popsicles
Because you can subtract sugar alcohols from total carbs, this leaves each popsicle with 2g of net carbs. Just be sure to check the labels if you are using different brands.

Low Carb Desserts Sugar Free Popsicles

What are your favorite low carb treats? Comment below!


How to Get Back into Ketosis Quickly After Cheat Day

Get Back into Ketosis

For those of you on a low carb diet (LCD) who are actively trying to stay in Ketosis, cheating is a BIG deal. Unlike other diet plans, you cant simply make up for that piece of cake or bowl of spaghetti with an extra workout for the week. A cheat day takes much longer to recover from and it cab be quite frustrating to recover from.


Some people need to plan scheduled cheat days. It helps them stay on track and not go stir crazy trying to be strict. Some plan it every 40 days, 90 days or after a certain amount of weight loss. This is a perfectly acceptable method to try if you are truly missing your carbs and treats. Just be aware that it can take days or weeks to recover at times and get back into ketosis quickly. Some people start to feel ill and have to re go through “carb flu”, fatigue, and hunger issues. Others do just fine carb cycling. Some just don’t want to cheat at all because of these issues.

Get Back into Ketosis Calendar

So whether it is a planned cheat day, and accidental carb overdose, or a part of your fat burn/muscle building cycle, here are a few tips to help get back on track after throwing yourself out of ketosis.

Get back into Ketosis Scale

1. Hide your scale
You are almost guaranteed to make the scale go up after a big cheat. I typically experience a 3lb weight gain when this happens. It is not necessarily weight gain but more water weight. Your best bet is to hide your scale for a week and not even bother to check it until your back into ketosis for a few days.

2. Fast
This is going to be the tough part, but hear me out. Your body needs to deplete those carbohydrates it just stored for fuel. Fasting is a decent way to get that done. If you cheated around dinner time, try skipping breakfast and lunch the next day. The most effective fast would be a 24 hour fast, but even a half day will help.You are going to be hungrier, and it is going to suck but you can do it! Watch out for cravings! If you must snack, try high fat or protein items such as heavy cream, cream cheese, ect..
Get back into ketosis with Exercise

3. Exercise
Another great way to get rid of those stores quickly is to exercise. Try a HIIT type of exercise that will push your body harder and use up energy quicker like CIZE Dance Workout by Shaun T. {affiliate link} Burn up those glycogen stores and get down to business. If you are going to be fasting as well, try to get this done early in the morning so its not so difficult on an starving cranky stomach.

4. Induction
For the next few days (after your fast) you will still want to restrict your carbohydrate intake to an induction level. (roughly 20 carbs a day). If you chose not to fast, you would want to use this method. Restrict your carbs as much as possible the first few days to get the ball rolling.

Get back into ketosis with induction

5. Fat Fast
For some people who truly struggle getting into ketosis, there is a last resort type of option known as a fat fast. This is ONLY recommended for people who are on a weight loss stall for 2 weeks or greater, or those trying to get into ketosis quicker. The idea is to eat between 1000 and 1200 calories a day, where 80% – 90% of your calories come from fat, and only fat. The 1000-1200 calories break into 4 or 5 meals a day,or 200-250 calories per meal. To learn more about the fat fast you can check it out at ruled.me. Some people have tried doing a meat fast instead. For more information on what a meat fast is, check out my other article here.

6. KETO//os
There is some recent internet buzz going around about KETO//os {affiliate link}, a powder you mix in water. It has ketones in it, making you show up positive for ketones in 1 hour and will have you producing your own ketones in about 12 hours. I’ve heard many rave reviews from fellow keto people and I personally just ordered some myself, so i’ll let you know how that goes!
Get back into ketosis KETO/os

 Check out my other article on how to use ketone strips to see if you are in ketosis here. What tricks have you tried to keto convert faster? Comment below!


Combat Fatigue on a Low Carb Diet

Many people have an initial fog or fatigue at the start of trying to eat low carb, as their body is craving sugars for fast energy. This is often called “Keto Flu”, which usually goes away. For some people it doesn’t. In fact, fatigue is a common complaint among for some low carbers like myself. It’s also a common reason for critics to bash a low carb lifestyle. It’s not easy for your body to be burning fat like a MACHINE! That takes energy, and your not making it easy for your body to get it without simple sugars and carbohydrates.

  1. B Vitamins
    These are seriously my BEST friend. I take them every day without fail. B vitamins are water soluble, so rest assured its very hard to overdose on them. Your body will simply urinate out the excess B vitamins it does not use. I like to use Nature Made Super B Complex because they are a pretty reliable brand and this one has the added benefit of vitamin C for better absorption and immune funciton.
  2. Increasing Carbohydrate intake
    It sounds counter productive, but if you are feeling fatigued and groggy by mid day, try increasing your carb count a bit. If you are trying to stay in Ketosis, staying under 50 carbs a day is usually sufficient, if ketosis isn’t important to you then going up to 70 g of carbs a day is reasonable. Now dont go eating a bunch of bread, but small additions here and there throughout your day may help.
  3. Eating Natural
    Make sure you are eating less processed foods and more of the good stuff. More veggies, more homemade meals, more healthy fats.
  4. Sleep
    Make sure you are getting enough sleep. It is important for your body to rest after a long day of fat burning.
  5. Green Tea
    Green tea has a small amount of caffiene in it, which can help with energy. The great news is it also has been shown to speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat. If you are not a big tea person, try Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, which can be added to smoothies,
  6. Exercise
    Now you may feel to tired to be working out, but again, one of those counter productive things, exercise can give you energy. It doesn’t have to be a high impact heavy workout, but a brisk 20 minute walk or jog can be helpful.
  7.  Protein