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Home Remedies…A Guest Post by Nancy Madlin

I love home remedies. My mother often used them on me as a child, and I learned to love their wonderful smells and soothing sensations. As I grew up I was fascinated to learn that oils, herbs and other home remedies have been documented in use for millennia, starting with ancient Greece and China. Today I’m thrilled whenever I get the chance to share my enthusiasm for this kind of self-care at home.


One good example is essential oils. They are widely available now at a variety of price points starting as low as five dollars, and can help support health in so many ways. The two most versatile essentials oils are probably peppermint and lavender, and each has so many useful applications they would be a great addition to anyone’s medicine cabinet.

Some uses for peppermint oil


* Soothes headaches. Dabbing a small quantity onto your finger, and then on forehead, temples and the nape of the neck can soothe a headache in minutes with a cooling sensation and the ability to relax muscles.

* Relieves bloating and indigestion. Try a few drops of peppermint oil in a glass of water cold, or heat it up and have soothing peppermint tea.

* Freshens breath and reduces cavities. Studies have shown that peppermint is more effective than the most popular mouthwash ingredient at reducing cavities. Its antimicrobial properties also make it excellent at freshening breath. A drop of peppermint under your tongue followed by a glass of water can do the trick, after you brush or whenever you need a breath freshener.

Lavender may be the most popular and versatile


With lavender oil, you can:

* Calm anxiety, ease depression, wind down for bed, improve sleep. Lavender oil is so soothing, it has even been shown in scientific studies to reduce PTSD! There are many ways to use it for these purposes: Place a few drops in your palm, then rub your hands together, inhaling as you rub it on your cheeks, cupping hands in front of your face for awhile and inhaling. Or, rub a drop on the bottom of each foot. And my favorite, take an aromatherapy bath by dropping 10 drops of lavender oil onto salt, sea salt

or Epsom salt then swish it in the bathwater. (The salt disperses the oil through the water.)

* Aid healing of burns, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, wounds, exzema, canker sores. Ten drops of lavender oil in one ounce of liquid oil or coconut oil rubbed on these conditions can speed healing.

Talk to your doctor before using oil for conditions you are already treating. If you are already taking medications for sleep or depression, lavender oil can increase the effect, so talk to your doctor first. That same caution is also advised if you are pregnant.

While none of this article replaces qualified medical advice for any conditions, many people have found home remedies to be a safe and personally empowering way to support their health at home.

Nancy MadlinNancy Madlin is a healer in Warwick, NY passionate about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Join her Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/AllKindsofGoodHealth/?ref=bookmarks. As an EFT practitioner, she assists people in setting and reaching goals. Her email is: goodenergyforlife@yahoo.com.

My First Leibster Award Nominations!!

Well, Great news everyone! This blog has been nominated for its very first award! The Leibster award, and not once but TWICE! The Liebster Award is a buzz word between bloggers, with the word Liebster meaning: “dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart.”

More about the Leibster Award and official rules can be found here.

My first nominator is by Gill Jacob over at Weemidget, at site with a healthy amount of reviews on movies and shows. Check them out here!


Here are the 11 questions Gill had for me

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Here are the questions I have compiled for them!

  1. How would you define a successful blog?
  2. Do you feel your own blog is successful?
  3. Which one of my recipes might you actually use?
  4. What is your favorite dessert?
  5. What is your favorite quote?
  6. What are your other super powers outside of blogging?
  7. Which one of my posts actually resonated with you?
  8. What is your ultimate goal for your blog?
  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
  10. What would be your super power?
  11. What is your favorite color?


Now for  11 random things about me:

  1. I actually have a ton of fiction writing that i’d like to finish one day. However, one page blog posts seem easier to accomplish.
  2. I love to do my own and other peoples gel nails.
  3. Red is my favorite color to this day.
  4. I have 3 dogs, small medium and large. (chihuahua, pit bull, husky)
  5. I love the outdoors and jogging and hiking!
  6. Most of my colleagues think I’m nuts for endorsing a low carb lifestyle!
  7. I am learning to garden…we will see how this turns out…
  8. I will be the first in my family to have a Masters Degree
  9. I dont know if I will ever be able to tell the difference between murmurs in real life. Good thing I’m not a cardiologist!
  10. I love meat…especially steak. I dont think I could ever enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle 🙁
  11. I’m currently living in a dorm in Colorado, and it really does feel like college all over again.

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Doing a Meat Fast… Is it Healthy For You?

Meat fast low carbFirst of All What is a Meat Fast?
A meat fast is where one commits to eating only meats for a rang of 2-4 days. A Carnivore fast if you will. It is occasionally used on a low carb diet.


Why Would Someone Do a Meat Fast?
The two main reasons to do a meat fast would be to break a stall, or to get into Ketosis (fat burning mode) quicker. Again, it is ONLY meant to be done for a few days. Long term, it would be more risk than benefit.

How Does it Work?
The meat fast is a relatively new concept. It has the same principles as a fat fast, but many people feel a meat fast is easier to perform. For roughly three days, one would commit to eating only meats and fats. Coffee, mayo, olive oil, and mustard are all okay. The rest is meats without sugary cures. This puts the person at a very low carb interval and higher protein and fats. By limiting one’s carbs to practically zero, and only providing the body with protein and fats to work with, the idea is to force the body into fat burning mode.

meat fast science

Is There Science Behind This?
Unfortunately I have yet to find clinical studies proving this is an effective way to jump into ketosis. Dr. Atkins would recommend his patients try a fat fast if they were extremely insulin resistant and had a hard time getting into ketosis or having a stall for longer than 3 weeks. However, the fat fast would consist of 90% fat and literally doing things like nibbling on a brick of cream cheese all day. I can say there are NUMEROUS studies showing that a LCHF diet works for weight loss and often times with twice the results of a low fat diet. Since the Meat Fast is simply a more extreme version of LCHF, it is safe to day at the worst case scenario, you are simply getting the same results as if you were eating regular LCHF.

meat fast

What is an Example of a Meat Fast Diet?
Day 1 Morning: 2 eggs and bacon and coffee
Day 1 noon: turkey rolls with mayo
Day 1 Dinner: Steak with melted butter

Day 2 Morning: 2 eggs with sausage with coffee
Day 2 noon: Cut up chicken breast sauteed in olive oil
Day 2 Dinner: Hamburger without bun or toppings. (add mayo)

Day 3 Morning: 2 eggs mixed with chorizo with coffee
Day 3 noon: Hot dog or Italian sausage
Day 3 Dinner: Pork chops with melted butter.

brauts meat fast

If you are eating lean meats such as fish or chicken, be sure to fatten it up! Pan fry it in a little olive oil, add mayo or butter.

The other important thing would be to make sure you are getting PLENTY of water. A  diet without veggies or very much fiber can make you very very constipated. Do drinking water like your life depends on it is very important.

Would you ever be crazy enough to try a meat fast? Comment Below!